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The Tooth Fairy Forgot – HELP

Being a parent is a tough gig. Let’s face it, there is so much to do and only 24 hours in a day and sometimes by the end of the day it’s all you can do to keep your eyes open long enough to get everyone to bed and prepare for the next day. Being the tooth fairy means staying awake long enough to make sure you don’t get caught in the act.

Sadly there are those nights where keeping your eyes open and remembering to be the tooth fairy are just too much to cope with until the nightmare morning that sounds like “mum/dad the tooth fairy didn’t take my tooth” and usually followed by tears and sobbing…, just what you want first thing in the morning!

The Tooth Fairy Forgot - HELP So how can you come back from this situation…how do you get past the tooth fairy not doing her job properly and keep peace in the household?   It’s actually not as hard as you think – it just takes a little bit of creative thinking in advance because it is almost guaranteed to happen to you at least once in your parenthood journey.

Below are some of the ways you can recover from a missed tooth fairy visit:

  1. The truth; the tooth fairy was obviously very busy last night and just didn’t get around to everyone so we will have to make sure we put the tooth out tonight. The trick to this one is that instead of putting the tooth under the pillow or in a glass in the bedroom you tell your child that it might be best if you leave it in the kitchen so the tooth fairy can get to it easily. This of course means you are less likely to forget it as it is in an area where you will see it through the night!
  1. Once they calm down, get them settled with breakfast and then disappear into another room and write a note from the tooth fairy saying that it was really, really dark and her torch wasn’t working so she couldn’t find the tooth but she will come back tonight so please leave the tooth out again. You can hide the note somewhere your child won’t have looked i.e. near their toothbrush, on the fridge, on their school bag etc.
  1. Send an email.   The tooth fairy is pretty techno savvy these days so she could easily have sent an email to say sorry for not making it to your house tonight but I had so many children who all lost their teeth yesterday that it was just too much work for one little tooth fairy and she fell asleep but that she promises to come tonight so be sure to get to bed nice and early.
  1.  Tomorrow don’t forget to leave the a receipt for the tooth from the tooth fairy. 

As you can see there are ways around the missing tooth fairy dilemma – you just have to be one step ahead. Good luck!

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