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Falling Pregnant After Abortion

pregnancy after abortionI am hoping people could share their experience with falling pregnant after abortion.  Have people had a hard time in the future to conceive a baby?

* Only helpful and supportive comments please **

After the abortion i had two ectopic pregnancies, both tubes were removed. I now have a son through ivf, doctors reassured me the abortion didn’t cause the ectopic pregnancies, so i go by what they say. Do i regret the abortion, no, was not ready at that point as quiet young (18). Long road to having a family and wouldn’t change anything. Nadia

I didn’t have an issue falling pregnant after mine. However it was 5 years later. I actually fell pregnant my first cycle after my Implanon was removed. It was quicker than expected. Good luck. Jelqye

I tried to have another baby just over a year after an abortion. It took about a year to fall pregnant but sadly miscarried twice. I couldn’t say whether or not the miscarriages were related but I couldn’t shake the feeling. Luckily we took a short break from trying, fell pregnant and now have a beautiful daughter. Even the stories that seem sad can have happy endings. Good luck Beth

I had a termination in 2009 and fell pregnant with my daughter in 2012. No issues with falling, in fact it came as quite a surprise. Lana

I had no issues falling pregnant after an abortion. It was 3 years later and I’ve since gone on to have more children with no problems. Kate

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  1. Avatarjac says:

    I’ve had no issue after three abortions (one at 16 and 2 in an abusive relationship) I’m now in a stable healthy relationship at 31. I did worry about it though

  2. Avatarjessica says:

    I’m 26 weeks and had an abortion in 2013, mentally it screwed me and I havnt been able to attsch to current baby properly, and I feel guilty every day. After my abortion i never wanted kids, I didnt feel worthy. I fi d it hardto live with myself about what happened with my first baby only 2 years ago but this one can have a turn at life. I can’t wrap my head around it. I’m diagnosed skitzophrenic and bipolar, and also have depression and anxiety.
    It breaks my heart that i cant enjoy this pregnancy to its full extent.

  3. Avatarclaire says:

    I had a termination in 2012, fell pregnant in 2013 but unfortunately miscarried. I gave birth in 2014 to a baby girl (same timing as 2012 if I hadn’t had a termination -freaky!). Miscarriage had nothing to do with having termination previous year, just one of those unlucky things. As long as you are healthy and no complications from termination you should be fine – keeping in mind every body is differen. Good luck xo

  4. I was 25 of my age went through an abortion as the growth of my baby was not good. It killed me when I got to know from my doc that there is need to end my pregnancy. An year passed away still it reveals me of my abortion with those pills. Scared and going through hard time to conceive again.

  5. due to some accident i fall down & its hurt my stomach & baby inside. After going through certain medical process doctor ask me to end pregnancy coz it can be fatal to my life. But i was having no option, I have to do it. Today now also when i think of that day. Its hurt me