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Falling Pregnant After Abortion

pregnancy after abortionI am hoping people could share their experience with falling pregnant after abortion.  Have people had a hard time in the future to conceive a baby?

* Only helpful and supportive comments please **

After the abortion i had two ectopic pregnancies, both tubes were removed. I now have a son through ivf, doctors reassured me the abortion didn’t cause the ectopic pregnancies, so i go by what they say. Do i regret the abortion, no, was not ready at that point as quiet young (18). Long road to having a family and wouldn’t change anything. Nadia

I didn’t have an issue falling pregnant after mine. However it was 5 years later. I actually fell pregnant my first cycle after my Implanon was removed. It was quicker than expected. Good luck. Jelqye

I tried to have another baby just over a year after an abortion. It took about a year to fall pregnant but sadly miscarried twice. I couldn’t say whether or not the miscarriages were related but I couldn’t shake the feeling. Luckily we took a short break from trying, fell pregnant and now have a beautiful daughter. Even the stories that seem sad can have happy endings. Good luck Beth

I had a termination in 2009 and fell pregnant with my daughter in 2012. No issues with falling, in fact it came as quite a surprise. Lana

I had no issues falling pregnant after an abortion. It was 3 years later and I’ve since gone on to have more children with no problems. Kate

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