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Falling pregnant while breastfeeding

pregnant while breastfeedingI am wanting to hear experiences of those who have fallen or tried falling pregnant while still breastfeeding please. How many times a day was your child breastfeeding and how old were they?

  • My daughter was born via fertility treatment as I have PCOS. She was also born 3 months prem via c/section. You can imagine my shock when I realized I was pregnant when she was 3 months old (0 corrected) as I was breastfeeding AND infertile! Now I’m trying for a 3rd and have no luck – Carla
  • I fell pregnant while breastfeeding my 3rd..First time we had unprotected sex and bam… I now have my two youngest babies just 13.5 months apart lol – Jessica
  • I fell pregnant while breastfeeding with my third (now 11 weeks) when I was still breastfeeding my second. I had to stop breastfeeding though, because my daughter started really mucking around (she’d feed maybe a total of 4 minutes over the course of half an hour, I figure it was a combination of maybe the taste changed, and because she was picking up from me the fact it was so painful), and because it got really painful (tender boobs). She was 10 months by that point, so she was only on formula for two months (luckily for our tight budget!) before transitioning to cows milk – Gemma
  • Had two babies via IVF and second child one year old and still breastfeeding and I fell pregnant naturally while feeding and doctors said we had no chance of falling pregnant!!! Feed for 4 months then she self weaned and it was getting very uncomfortable for me! 7 months pregnant today:) good luck – Natalee
  • We weren’t even trying and I got pregnant while breast feeding but I had got my period at 4 months pp – Melissa
  • My boys are 19 months apart, fell pregnant while breastfeeding, 1st bub self weaned at 10.5 months. He knew I was pregnant before I did – Theresa
  • I breastfed my daughter till she was 2 1/2 and weaned her off a week before I had my second daughter who I then breastfed for 2 1/2 years as well. Five years of continuous feeding lol – Danielle
  • I fell with my second daughter while still bf my first daughter at 9 & half months. Glad I did though, nice to have them close – Kym
  • I fell pregnant while ebf my son at 20 months, my period returned at 13 months pp – Ashleigh
  • There is 11months between my sons. I fell pregnant wgile breatfeeding, hadn’t had a period post partem and had implanon – Betty
  • I had to wean both mine at 15 mths as I had no cycle at all. Once I weaned cycle came no and I fell 1 mth after first cycle and next time I fell after I weaned and still had no cycle. So I must of ovulated. But I never have had a cycle while breastfeeding until I weaned around 15 mths – Melody
  • We wanted to have our 2nd close to our first and I was exclusively breastfeeding and got my period back at around 10 weeks. By the time my 1st was almost 4 months I was 4 weeks pregnant and my 2nd is now 9 weeks old and I already got my period back 3 weeks ago. I think it does depend on whether you get your period back or not? Some women are soooo lucky and don’t get a period at all while bf, not me – Emily
  • I am right now feeding my 5 day old son who was conceived while I was breastfeeding and on the mini pill! – Amanda
  • I’m currently 16 weeks pregnant with a 9 month old who was breastfed. I still feed her but have started weaning as I’m finding I’m getting very tender plus I would like my boobs back for summer. Doctors have said it is quite normal for them to wean themselves due to a change in flavour, however this has not been an issue. I went back to my normal cycle by the time she was two months old, yet with my son I never had another period for 9 months. It was not a surprise pregnancy and we are looking forward to the next arrival even with the close age gap – Kirsten
  • I was breast feeding my son and he weaned himself off just after his first birthday turns out I was pregnant for over a month while he was still feeding, my second was healthy all through out my pregnancy and at birth. Doctors said he weaned himself off because the breast milk can change taste so I dunno but I’ve heard of many women who have breast fed their whole pregnancy and the baby’s been fine – PixieLeigh
  • I fell pregnant with my second while breastfeeding my first who was 7 months old, first time we tried. How ever I put my first born on formula soon after I fell pregnant as I really didn’t enjoy it anymore. My milk supply didn’t slow down so you could still breastfeed while being pregnant – Melissa
  • Everyone is different but it’s not a given that you need to wean from breastfeeding to fall pregnant. I have become pregnant twice whilst breastfeeding – my toddlers then went on to self wean around 6 months into my pregnancy. Consider fertility acupuncture – Gabrielle
  • I fell pregnant while breastfeeding and on the mini pill – Andrea
  • Took us 6 months and we started trying when our first was 4 weeks old.. I breastfed until 16 months with my first as she weaned and my second daughter was born a month after – Kathleen
  • I fell pregnant with my 2nd within 4mths of trying whilst breastfeeding & my 1st didn’t wean for another 3mths – Vanessa
  • I fell pregnant whilst bf intentionally.  My dd stop feeding when i was around 6.5 months preg – Rachael
  • Fell pregnant when our 4th was 6mths old with identical twin boys i was still breastfeedig and cycle had not returned – Karen
  • I did nothing different but have fallen pregnant twice whilst breastfeeding so it can happen naturally – Steph
  • I fell pregnant while breast feeding. Bub was 3months old when found out I was pregnant. Bub was sleeping through the night (10pm-7am aprox) this is probably why I ovulated while breast feeding because there was such a gap between feeds. I continued to BF and weaned bun off when she was bout 8mths old and was bout 5mths pregnant. I went to my gp and they told me to wean ASAP but then went to lactation consultant at hospital and she said it’s fine and perfectly safe to BF while pregnant. Some mums even tandem feed (both at same time different ages) – Jessica
  • Yep my friend never got her period after her baby and got pregnant when bubs was 8 months – Simone
  • At 9 mo post pardon I regained my menses. At 16 mo pp I became pregnant. At that point my lo was nursing maybe 4 times a day. I weaned at 17.5 mo bc I was first trimester sick. It worked for the best bc I never intended to tandem nurse – Nikki
  • I fell pregnant on the first cycle of trying to conceive while breastfeeding, I stopped breastfeeding at 12 weeks pregnant – Elle
  • I’m due tomorrow with my second! I fell pregnant when my first was 8 months old and I was still breast feeding! Doctors told me after the first 6 months breast feeding no longer works as a contraceptive! – Bek
  • I fell pregnant while breasfeeding my eldest when he was 10 months old, you are very fertile whilst breasfeeding – Rechelle
  • Breastfeeding Ds, fell pregnant when he was 5 months old, we lost that pregnancy, waited one cycle, got pregnant next cycle when he was 8months old and am currently 20 weeks pregnant with twins. My cycle returned when he was 3 months old – Joanne
  • I breastfed my son until I was 3 months pregnant and stopped when he was 20 months. Although he was only having 1 or 2 feeds a day it really took it out of me. Feeding while having morning sickness was not fun and I ended up so run down. I’m going to wait until I stop feeding next time before trying again – Blaire
  • I was breast feeding, was on the mini-pill and had not yet had a return of my cycle, and still fell pregnant when our son was 6 months old. Unfortunately, for reasons unknown, the pregnancy did not survive – Rebecca
  • Yes three times when my little one was 1 1/2 to 2 years old – Emma
  • I was conceived while my mum was breastfeeding. She thought back then it was a natural contraceptive lol so yeah it can happen very easily – Amy
  • My almost 1yo fully breastfed and at 9 months she self weaned due to the pregnancy and change of hormones in milk i didnt even have a return of cycle. Whoops. But its a blessing – Rebekah
  • Fell pregnant with my 2nd & 3rd babies whilst breastfeeding, both at 13m of age – Alison
  • My toddler is still breastfeeding at 19 months, and I fell pregnant just before her first birthday. It took us about 4 months of trying, I was worried that breastfeeding was prohibiting conception and read about a herb called vitex which is supposed to be a fertility booster. Not sure if it was a coincidence, but I fell pregnant the next cycle after taking it (my periods pretty much returned as soon as I gave birth to my daughter btw) – Erin
  • I fell pregnant when my 2nd child was 2 months old she was feed on demand so every 2-3 hours I was also on the mini pill – Tracy
  • My son is 18m and has breast once during day and at night to sleep. Currently 13 weeks pregnant. Was hoping the change in taste would put him off – Kathryn
  • I fell pregnant when my bub was 4 months, he was feeding 3-4 hourly. Unfortunately it affected my supply. Bub ended up feeding every 30 mins to 1 hour 24/7. I did that for 7 weeks before changing to formula – Rochelle
  • I know many women in my ABA group that fell pregnant and continued to breastfeed. It depends on your body though, I don’t think there’s a hard and fast rule as to how to get your fertility back – Elana
  • Yep, apart from my 1st pregnancy, I’ve been bf every time. Was pregnant with #2 when first was 15 months and still feeding 3-4 times a day (continued to feed another 6-8 weeks, before self-weaning) including 1 night feed. When #2 was 11 months and still feeding a couple of times a night and all day I fell pregnant, but unfortunately lost it. But then when she was 15mo I fell again (feeding similar to #1 at 15mo, with an extra night feed). Currently 32 weeks pregnant and she only stopped bf 2-3 months ago (self-weaned also) – Jacqui
  • I feel pregnant while breastfeeding a 4 month old, no solids or formula, but not on the mini pill or anything either. It was a long time ago, 13 years, so I honestly can’t remember how many times I was feeding – Tammy
  • My son was 4 mths ebf every 3-4 hrs over night as well When I fell pregnant ( whoops lol) – Danielle
  • Ive been breastfeeding for 13 months..Was hoping to have fallen again by now but its not happening. I feed 3 times during the day and the odd comfort suck during the night as I safe bed share with her. When not feeding i fall just thinking about being pregnant..feeding is obviously a good contraceptive for me – Clarissa
  • My son was about 9mths…..foundout on his 1st birthday we were already 13 weeks along…Fed when he wanted – Rhonda
  • My baby was 4months old exclusively bf and I fell pregnant – Sarah
  • My baby was 8m, and feeding a lot, and a few times at night – Emma
  • 3 times a day, 9 mths old – Michelle
  • My son was around 10 months old. He feed whenever he felt like it – Paige
  • My son was almost 14months when I fell pregnant with my current bub (30 weeks) feeding 2-3 times a daynow my son is 20 months and still feeds twice a day – Katie
  • I became pregnant while breastfeeding, on the pill, no period and only seeing hubby 1 day a week. My 12 mnth old son was feeding 3 times a day at the time – Katrina
  • My son was 6months old and was feeding 5 times a day and once at night and I fell with my 2ndSophie
  • My dd was 13 months and still feeding 3-4 times during the day but my period returned to normal when she was 3 months old – Bec
  • I feel pregnant again when my 1st was 14 weeks old fully breastfeeding every 3hrs.. Period hadn’t returned…my supply did change & I chose to formula feed – Carrie
  • My daughter was 10months old and having only 1-2 breast feeds a day and I fell pregnant – Allira
  • I fell pregnant 3 times (miscarried twice) while breastfeeding a 15-19 month old 3 – 4 times a day – Jessie
  • Fell pregnant when my son was 5 months old, breastfeeding 6ish times a day (and I was on the mini pill) – Ashlea
  • My son was 11 months and feeding 6 times a day still – Carmel
  • Fully breastfeeding my 1st, so every 4hours ish, 5mths.  Then fully breastfeed my 2nd, and she was 8months when I got pregnant with my third  – Jasmine
  • I fell pregnant breastfeeding my 9 month old son. From memory I was only feeding twice a day – Sarah

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