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Family friendly workplaces – how hard can it be

Ask my kids what their best memory from school holidays was and you’ll hear the answer “The day we came to work with you!”

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This holiday my colleagues and I thought of an awesome idea; we were going to combine work with day care! Our male boss was away and all remaining female staff decided it was time to take the pressure off family and friends. Not to mention reduce the number of IOU’s that we had already racked up over the school break.

We had a great day at work and so did our kids. We got the work done, whilst the kids, of varying ages, hung out as a happy gang. The satisfaction of achieving what resembled work-life balance was undeniable.

We were brought closer together as a team and it connected our lives outside of work. Now I know who little Sam is, beyond the photo sitting on my co-workers desk.

A kids at work day was not only a highlight for our children, it was a wonderful experience for all.  Why is it not standard practice for workplaces to offer innovative and flexible work solutions for women to support their family and career? Finally someone is onto it. 

Diverse City Careers (DCC) is setting the bar high to find the best employers. DCC only advertise jobs by  Employers of Choice for Women, with new jobs added daily.

DCC is a job site with a difference. Why?

  1. DCC knows what women want in the workplace. Through a large community survey DCC identified your priorities which they use to endorse companies. Including scrutinising gender neutral parental leave, flexible work arrangements, professional development, pay equity and targets to raise the number of women in leadership.
  2. DCC require all registered companies to report on their progress towards fulfilling the priorities listed by women, to guarantee you have a rewarding career.
  3. DCC offers a support network for like-minded women. DCC runs events and campaigns across Australia, and offers free on-line resources for professional development.

At DCC, only the best employers for women are allowed to advertise. In addition, 50% of women who apply for a job through DCC are shortlisted, and 25% are hired!

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