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Alternative baby cereal – baby’s first food

Starting solids can be overwhelming with the variety of options for baby’s first food.  Read our guide to starting solids written by our resident general practioner.

I was just wondering what alternative baby cereal other mummies feed their 6 month old apart from Farex/rice cereal? My 6 month old DD has just turned completely off rice cereal the last few days!

alterntaive baby cereal

Start baby with Weetbix

  • Weetbix! Add a bit of boiling water from the kettle mixed with either some breast milk, formula or some cold water. I’ve also added a little of fruit purée (either homemade or from a squeezie pouch) and yogurt. Sherree
  • Weetbix?? Or just go straight to fruits. Karyn
  • Weetbix with either breast milk or formula! My dd loves her Weetbix! Jacqui
  • At 6 months they can try a wide variety of different foods, so Weetbix is a good cereal Natasha
  • My 6 month sweetie loves soggied Weetbix with fruit puree. I usually soggy half a Weetbix with formula or boiled water and mix with the fruit to make it less sweet Catherine
  • You can feed them the kids Weetbix(less salt then normal ones) but you don’t need to feed them cereal if you don’t want. my 6 month old has fruit, veggie, meat or yogurts Kristy
  • Weetbix with puréed fruit or mashed banana Katie
  • Weetbix (no sugar etc) Sarah
  • I give my daughter Weetbix mixed with a bit of premixed formula. If it ends up to runny I add a little bit of Farex into it and she loves it! Or sometimes I mix a bit of puréed fruit in it. Amy
  • Kids Weetbix Alyson
  • Weetbix, puréed fruit with a little Farex. Sherree
  • I give my little guy Weetbix with formula and he loves it. Hated Farex. Tamara
  • Weetbix Candice
  • Weetbix! Fiona

Alternative cereal options for baby

  • Rice cereal has no nutritional benefit any way Rafertys do a wholegrain banana and apricot cereal which is really good blitz some fruit in it too. Also nestle do a wholegrain oats and prune one Tracey
  • Oats with purée pear or apple. Kristy
  • My daughter wasn’t so keen on Farex either so I’ve always just made porridge with quick oats and water. And Weetbix from about 9 months. Michelle
  • I bought home brand rice bubbles blended them to a powder and milk and microwave. Cool by adding pureed apple or fruit of choice. My daughter loves it. Wont eat any other cereal. Tastes nice just like rice bubbles. Kate
  • I feed bub Rafferty’s garden baby cereal. For 1 month, I have been mixing it with Weetbix bites fruits of the forest n she loves it Regine
  • I put my regular cereal like special k and sometimes oats in the blender with some milk and water Wendy
  • Have you tried the Raffertys garden ones with fruit? Try apple or pear puree or add it to the cereal. Kids Weetbix. Quick oats. Bethany
  • Melt down belvita breakfast biscuits in warm milk or formula! Krystle
  • Porridge or warm weet bix Samantha
  • I give my son baby porridge rather than rice cereal. He loves the rafferty’s multigrain porridge Beth
  • Raffertys porridge. My boy still loves it at 16m Kintara
  • If you’re going to spoon feed go with 100% oats mixed with breastmilk… Gabrielle
  • Semolina …my son loved it! Danya
  • I gave my dd apple and oatmeal for breakfast this morning and she ate the lot of the jar Leanne
  • I give my bub yoghurt and fruit or oats/quinoa flakes with chia seeds mixed in or even a veg mixture, commercial baby cereal is not the best option it’s processed! If you want to give them rice make real rice and blend it (brown rice even better) Nel
  • Oats, porridge and Weetbix. All are easy to get a consistency that works for your bub and I sometimes add fruit purée/mash to give glamour like apple, pear or banana. Kelly
  • My 6month old loves Weetbix and instant porridge mixed with his formula Emma

Baby led weaning

  • We do mainly baby led weaning and our 7 month old loves baby mum rusks and bread, also rice (stuck together a bit) and pasta! Emma
  • We also do a lot of blw. Our almost 7 month old eats avocado, stewed apple, pear, banana, bread, rusk, natural yoghurt, boiled potato, sweet potato, pumpkin, carrot. But he’ll steal food if given the chance. He’s stolen potato gems and quiche. He’s even had mince, chicken and slow roasted lamb! Hannah

Avoid giving baby Farex

  • I started straight with veges and fruit.  Farex is not needed and it tastes like cardboard. Felicity
  • Farex and cereals are basically over processed with little to no nutritional value. Go with real fruits and veggies. Rebecca
  • My son is 6 months and one week old. He is my third child and he and my two older daughters did not like farex and whenever I have given any of them rice cereal I have mixed it with some kind of puréed fruit of veg, just changes the taste as rice cereal is quite bland. Michelle

Other ideas for solids for your baby

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