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Five of our Favourite Family Holidays

by Seana Smith (from Sydney Kids, Food and Travel)

I was asked to name five of our favourite family holidays. Well, the ones we would love to go on but have never managed. Oh it never hurts to have a dream, does it?

To check out a few pretty pictures.

We’ve had some great overseas holiday in the past few years, great overall that is.

There’s always been some dramas and explosions, some tantrums and traumas along the way.

To be honest, I think I get the most value out of looking forward to a family holiday.

Anticipation can be blooming uplifting.

We don’t know how Hubby’s timetable will pan out for later this year. We needs to try to change his FIFO dates to get home for next Xmas.

So we can’t make any plans to book a family holiday.  As ever.

But that’s no reason not to have a few ideas.

So I’ve been doing some family holiday exploring, just for a wee bit of escapism, just for fun.

Here are my current top five favourite family holidays I’d love to go on with the family but probably won’t.

Oh go on, have a peek.

(Is it too rude to describe these ideas as family holiday porn?)

Heron Island

I’d love to visit Heron Island on the Great Barrier Reef, both my sister’s have been and I’ve been meaning to for the past 25 years.

I think the children are old enough to really enjoy and appreciate a trip there now.  Reading my friend Annabel Candy’s posts from a visit with her three childen had me salivating.

Heron Island’s website is here.

Club Med Anywhere

We’ve tried to book a Club Med holiday but twice have been too late to get in during school holidays.

That’s the problem with not being sure of hubby’s work dates and so unable to book far ahead.  We’ll get there one day.

I think it’d suit all the family. Tell you what I’d LOVE… the  new four-day health and wellbeing retreats that Club Med has planned at at Club Med Bali (12-23 March) and Cherating Beach (7-14 April), themed around the concept Body and Soul: Four Colours in Four Days.

A bit of a mind and body retreat whilst still with the kids – sounds fab.

More Club Med info here.

Cruising The High Seas

I spent a lot of time sailing on small yachts when I was a child but have never taken to the high seas on a cruise. Shame!

Having head so many reports from friends, I’m dead keen. But our Intn’l Man of Mystery isn’t as he gets terribly seasick and has spent too long on oil rigs to feel that the sea has any romance left for him. One day I’ll take the kids on my own.

I just read that P & O are upgrading their kids programmes to include animation courses for for kids. P & O has partnered with Stop Motion Pro who made Wallace and Gromit and The Pirates, so the courses should be good.

Find out more here.

 Lady Elliot Island

Friends from school have raved about their holidays on this tiny island resort on the Great Barrier Reef. It’s a relaxed life on the island, the resort is simpler and more eco focussed than other Queensland resorts.

There are fringing reefs all around the island so snorkelling from the beach is wonderful, and there are manta rays swimming around, wonderful.

Lady Elliot’s website is not sleep or fancy, but has heaps of information, find it here.

Jean-Michel Cousteau Resort, Fiji

And yes, it’s another resort surrounded by coral reefs!

Oh why not!?

As a child I went scuba diving all over the world with Jacques Cousteau and his amazing underwater TV programs.

His son founded this resort, which sounds amazing. Some friends have been and had a fantastic time with the family.

The downside, it’s very, very expensive and also gets booked up very fast.

Hmmmm… kids, you might have to wait until you’ve all left home for this one.

The website with photos to make you drool is here.

If you have enjoyed our favourite family holidays, we have all the tips for planning your next. 

Seana is a Mummy and Travel Blogger from Sydney, Australia. This article was originally published on her blog and has been reproduced with her permission

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