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General Complaints in Pregnancy

(Medical disclaimer: Tips provided need to be considered in conjunction with medical advice. For immediate concerns, please contact HealthDirect (Australia wide) ph 1800 022 222 – to talk to a registered nurse 24hrs a day, and in emergencies call 000.)

What discomforts did you face in pregnancy and how did you overcome them?

  • Sore back and ribs – hot water bottle, posture. (Mum of Lily-8 months)
  • Swollen feet relax more put feet up morning sickness. (Mum of Kaleyah-3, Rylan-2, Breana-5 months)
  • Morning sickness just the first 15 weeks- just had to keep nibbling at something all the time. (Mum of Tylah-3 1/2, Kyan-10 Months)
  • I had low iron and was put on tablets and i also ended up with swine flu at 30 weeks, the iron problem i have always had so i knew all about that but swine flu i lost it and couldn’t stop crying i had got my results just after a few ladies had lost their babies, i was put on tammi-flu and in isolation for 2 weeks. (Mum of Mia-17 months)
  • Low iron lots of meat and iron tablets. (Mum of Michael-9month, Riley due 26th April)
  • Honestly – lots of drooling (no cure!), some constipation (I just tried to get more exercise), some slight anxiety about the upcoming birth (hoping some yoga breathing will help with that :o) ) (Mum of Bub is due in a week – if it’s a girl they will be called Indie, for a boy, Kaiden :o) )
  • I was very lucky with my pregnancy, and besides morning sickness i didn’t have any other problems. (Mum of Kirra-2)
  • I had terrible morning sickness, then found out I had something called the rhesus factor leading to some painful injections and I had pre eclampsia with my first leading to a rush to a bigger hospital over 2 hours away from my family 🙁 (Mum of Corban- 3 1/2, Layla- 1)
  • I had a difficult pregnancy with extreme high blood pressure and gestational diabetes. I was a patient in the High Risk clinic at my local public hospital and found them to be very thorough and caring. (Mum of Dylan-13 months)
  • Morning sickness – ginger, dry biscuits. (Mum of Bodhi-3, Roman-8 months)
  • Polyhydramnios with both pregnancies. Anaemia and hypotension with 2nd pregnancy only. Dizziness, fainting, nausea, measured large for dates (due to polyhydramnios). Delayed Post Partum Haemmorhage with baby number 1. (Mum of Tyler-17 mths, Maya 1wk)
  • Tiredness! Slept when I got home from work, up for tea and then back to bed. Early early nights. Slept in on the weekend. Said no when required.
  • Back pain….sitting in the shower and being in the pool. (Mum of Aleisha- May 2yrs)
  • Reflux overcome with mylanta Nausea overcome with eating regularly esp before getting up in the morning (keep food next to the bed)
  • Carpel tunnel in second pregnancy. No cure, wore splints day and night which relived symptoms, but hurt like hell. (Mum of Mia-26 months, Caius-9 months)
  • Swollen feet & ankles = Lots of feet up time and soft massage.
  • Excessive dry mouth – I sucked on Fruit Tingles. The fizziness of the lollies helped produce more saliva. (Mum of Stephanie-4, Belinda-1)
  • Migraines in 3rd preg. There was no help out there from google to specialist. I am now writing a book because of this. (Mum of Mr L-17 Miss R-7 Mr E-3)
  • Bad back – professional pregnancy massage fixed in two sessions Sore hips – yoga Morning sickness – chocolate milk! Sea bands. (Mum of 7, 2.5 & 9 months)
  • back pain, rest. (Mum of Nikiah-18 months)
  • PSD (Pubic Symphisis Disorder) where the pubic bones separate & cause pain & discomfort. Physio & a support belt helped. Lack of info about caesareans. (Mum of Fraser-1)
  • Hyperemesis- Ondansetron wafers, quite expensive but nothing else tried helped! (Mum of Raori-1 year old)
  • Mainly itchy dry skin and reflux. Dry skin I would just rub either body butter all over, or moisturiser with reflux and heartburn I would eat really slowly and small meals, avoid spicy foods and curry quickeze everywhere I went. (Mum of Erika-4 years,  Liam-3 Years, Claire 2 years, Riley-11mths and currently pregnant with number 5 🙂
  • We moved from Qld to Vic in the week we conceived Lara. I met other first time Mummies at our birthing classes, and First Mother Group after my little one was first born. I was lucky that my husbands family lives down here, so had some support. My parents were in Qld, and sister in Sydney, so we used Skype video chat to keep in touch. (Mum of Lara 1.)
  • I had swollen feet and low iron. To over come I put my feet up more and took FeFol tablets. (Mum of Mia Annabelle – aged 1)
  • Morning sickness for 24 weeks – just had to deal with it. swelling – rested as much as I could high blood pressure towards the end – nearly got induced but bub decided to come few days before being induced. after the morning sickness ended i was feeling terrific for rest of pregnancy.
  • Gestational diabetes which could not be controlled with diet so I ended up on Insulin, Luka was born by emergency c section at 38 weeks. I also suffered from pubis symhysis which I saw a chiropractor & physio for. (Mum of Luka 18 months)
  • In my 2nd pregnancy at our 20 week scan we found out that Lacie was going to be born with a cleft lip and palate. Getting in contact with other families with cleft children to talk about how their journey has been 🙂  (Mum of Maddison – 2years Lacie – 6 months)
  • I suffered terrible morning sickness. I just snacked on plain foods and ate really healthily. Mother of Jake 21 months.
  • Very lucky with all 3!!! (Mum of Jack-4, Noah-2, Chloe-5mths)
  • NO problems with pregnancy No: 1 but with pregnancy No: 2 I was lactoce intolerant. so no dairy for me! Mum of Mia 36months James 14 months
  • Morning sickness up until 20 weeks, nothing help. (Mum of Jasmin-3 months)
  • Pillows were a godsend in getting comfortable at night. Laying on my side, I had one between my legs, one behind my back and one to support my bump. I also had really swollen feet (undiagnosed pre-eclampsia) putting my feet up with a cold cloth on them helped to soothe the pain! (Mum of Mason-12 months)
  • Just tiredness.. Rest!
  • Just the usual 🙂 aches and pains. put on 20kg!!! Very sore legs and then pelvis problems with the second as well as constant runny/blocked nose! (Mum of mitch 4 yrs, Lochie 2 years)
  • Morning sickness- pramin. Back pain- full length pillow. heartburn- mylanta, quickease and nexium. (Mum of 4months 6yrs 7yrs)
  • I’ve had bleeding during 2 of my pregnancies and had serious hemorrhage after one. (Mum of Daemon-13 Jasmyn-4 Liam-20 months, one on the way)

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