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Iron infusion in pregnancy

Iron infusion in pregnancyWhat are other peoples experiences with having an iron infusion during pregnancy?

I had an iron infusion, had no problems with it, made me feel a lot better with more energy and is better than taking tablets Erin

I had iron infusion at 38 wks much better than iron injections. Karen

I had an infusion at 30 weeks and felt so much better after it Nicole

I had an iron transfusion at about 35 wks and had a migraine for 10 days afterwards. Was living off panadeine forte. Dr said it was a new kind of one which had only just come out (in about January 15) and no one so far about 100 ppl had an adverse reaction at their clinic. I was first one. I never felt bad before it but I have been taking fe tabs for years and years. I didn’t feel any diff in energy but omg I never want that again!!!!! Ria


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  1. Ashley says:

    I received an iron infusion at 34 weeks and get strange the day of it with some dizziness and headaches but I mean that could of been my pregnancy in general .. The days afterwards I felt good had a bit more energy and no negative side effects

  2. Jacinta says:

    Ive had a into transfusion and it was the best thing i did. Had more energy not falling asleep during the day would highly recommend asking your doctor for it. I was hopeless at takeing tablets.