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Ginger emojis are coming! This is not a drill.

We love it when new emojis are dropped and 2018 is the year of the red head! Rejoice ginger ninjas of the world – you have been recognised with a gorgeous array of red headed emoji options!

Ginger emoji

Tell me about the ginger emojis!

Whether you’ve got long hair, short hair, fair skin, olive complexion, male or female – there are ginger emojis to suit all styles and looks! This fantastic long awaited update will start rolling out from Tuesday so be sure to update your phone and get your new emojis locked and loaded! No more using a lion to represent your red headedness emoji style.

Ginger emoji


What other new emojis can we expect?

I must admit I love emojis – I can barely post on Facebook or Instagram without dropping a couple. The two that excited me the most would have to be the roll of toilet paper (amazing!) and the kangaroo. That will get some heavy usage I’m sure.

If you’re a scientist brace yourself – you will love at least a dozen of the new emojis. There is DNA, a petri dish (I’m not even joking), a lab coat, goggles and a microbe (gross!).

Plus now that winter is finally here you will get some good mileage out of the frozen emoji face with icicles hanging off it aptly named… cold face.

Ginger emoji

What about for the kids?

There is a super villian for when the kids are being particularly naughty and you’re a bit over the devil emoji, and there is a tooth and bone for when they have a visit from the tooth fairy or decide to break a bone (touch wood!).

And finally there’s a teddy bear emoji! Cuteness overload!


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