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Toddler Shared Nudes to Mums Contact List

toddler shares nudes

We all know toddlers can be real arseh*les. But this story almost takes the cake. Well, other than the one about the most epic poo painting last week.

Emily Schmitt, mum of the said toddler, Carsyn, found herself in a very exposed position last week. And it was all the work of her angel faced two year old.

The mother-of-four was ‘mortified’ to discover her daughter had sent multiple pictures of her bare bottom to random contacts in her phone – including work colleagues and former uni friends.

This story begins like many others. A mum is trying to get ready to leave the house. And desperate for two freaking minutes to get dressed in peace she hands a little person her phone. Normal, right?

Well, thats exactly what Emily allowed two-year-old daughter to do while she dried her hair last Sunday, The Sun reported.

But instead of clicking onto the regulation Baby Shark clips or little Bluey, Carsyn got the camera cranking and went to work like a rampant baby paparazzi. As Emily stood naked, the 30-year-old was clueless to her photo-happy kid taking naked shots of her mother’s bare bottom. And sending them to various friends on Snapchat.

toddler shares nudes

‘I was mortified’ Emily, Carsyn and family.

It wasn’t until Emily received a text from a co-worker saying ‘thanks for the nude’ that Emily’s pulse started racing.  And she realised what her daughter had been up to.

Little Carsyn had sent embarrassing photos to 15 people, including former university friends, a work acquaintance, former clients and co-workers. Yes, this toddler shared nudes of her mum by text.

Emily rushed to send out an apology but her bottom was already winging its way through her address book – there was nothing to be done but die. Or cry. Or both.

Emily has now bravely fessed up to share her story and make other parents laugh. From Ohio, US, Emily said: “I was mortified. I literally think I died for a minute then came back to life so I could tell people what happened.

It’s so funny – this child of mine is wild. We just say she’s feral – she cannot be tamed.”

Need tips for toddler taming your own wild one? Here’s 8 tips to help you out! And maybe think about managing their tech if you’re worried about your own version of ‘toddler shared nudes’.

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