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Good Friday Dinner Idea: Salmon Fritters

Good Friday Dinner Idea: Salmon Fritters

salmon fritters


2 Tablespoons olive oil

250g Salmon flaked

2 eggs

150g self-raising flour

1 medium sized sweet potato

1 large Potato

2 medium sized zucchini

1/2 cup creamed corn

1/4 cup spring onions/ shallots

1/4 fresh coriander

Herbs/seasoning of choice


salmon veggie frittersPeel and grate the potatoes and zucchini and squeeze out extra juices through a colanderFinely chop the coriander and spring onionsCombine all ingredients in a large bowl with 1 tbsp of olive oilHeat the remaining olive oil in pan over medium heatDollop a heaped tablespoon of the mixture onto the pan and flatten using a spatulaCook each fritter for 3-4 minutes on each side until golden in colourRemove and drain excess oil from cooking onto paper towel.


Serving suggestion

Serve with natural or Greek yoghurt as a substitute for dipping sauce.

Salmon fritters for easter

Dinner Winner Salmon & Vegetable Fritters from My Baby Gourmet

There’s nothing more delicious than a simple, healthy dinner that the whole family can enjoy. Perfect for Good Friday, (being meat free) these salmon & veggie fritters are sure to become a family favourite.


unnamed-1About the Author: My name is Fareshta and I’m a first time mum to Jacob, a bubbly 8 month old boy. I’ve always enjoyed a passion for cooking and food and am a believer that good food is the most important part of a healthy lifestyle. I love teaching Jacob to eat well and want to inspire other mothers by sharing the importance of eating well from an early age.

You can follow Fareshta’s food philosophy and her family friendly recipes on her FB page, Instagram and blog My Baby Gourmet.

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