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Harmony test experiences

harmony testHas anyone had the harmony test? (Blood test for downs and genetic anomalies) how long did it take to get results and will you also be told gender if you wish?

  • yes, it took close to 2 weeks for results. They will tell you the sex if you want to hear it. Emily
  • Yes, 10days – 2wks depending on time of year and company, gender yes. I used to work for an Ob and we requested from a variety of labs. Lauren
  • Yes. The results came back very quick for us. Less than a week. You can choose to know the gender but they wont tell you if you ask not yo know. Michelle
  • results came back about 2 weeks. The test had sex on it. If u wish not to know get doctor to cover it. Bron
  • Around two weeks and since they are doing gene testing they will look whether Bub is a boy or girl anyway Bek
  • 10 days for us too. They called & asked if we wanted to know. We said no, but the next time I saw my doctor he printed the paperwork for me to give to the midwife & it was printed on the front. Have to remember to ask for it to be covered, ooooops. Denise
  • Mine took around 2 weeks at the start of the year, and they can tell you gender if you want to know – but you can ask them not to tell you. Kimberley
  • Yes about 7 working days. I was told that it’s because it goes to the U.S., as we don’t do it here in Australia, that also explains the cost. Bec
  • We offer this blood test at my work (healthscope pathology) and it takes 10 business days to get your results. You can elect to find out the sex of the baby as well if you’d like to. Bianca
  • I had the Harmony test done between 10-11 weeks and as the results had to come from the U.S (not sure if that’s still the norm) I think it took around 10 days. You can have the screening for sex abnormalities done which will of course reveal the gender – I had this done but made sure I was only told if the result was all clear or not but not the gender as I wanted it to be a surprise. So my doctor and midwife were sworn to secrecy my entire pregnancy and thankfully managed not to let it slip!! I would do this test again in a heartbeat despite the fact I had to travel 500k’s to get it done and it’s expensive. Can’t put a price on peace of mind. Tiffany
  • Took 2 weeks to get results and we could’ve found out gender but chose not to. Caitlin
  • It took 2 weeks for the test results to come back and I found out the gender Maritza
  • 2 weeks for results, make sure you tell them when they draw your blood if you specifically want to know the gender. We didn’t know just assumed it was part of the test automatically as that’s the way our firm read, luckily they still had our bloodwork on hand so was a quick fix Yvonne
  • Mine took about 7 days to get results as they were sent to the US Kelly
  • yep. Only took about 5 days for results to come back. Yes you can request to find out the gender to. Candice

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