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Helpful hints for Mums with Multiples

Baby tripletsWhat helpful tips can you offer Mums who are currently pregnant with multiples?

  • At your babies shower instead of gifts have people buy nappies!! We were fortunate to get a wonderful array of gifts but the best were nappies Paula
  • Remember you can only do so much. And if anyone ever tells you being a stay-at-home mum is lazy or easy, invite them to spend a day at home with you and your children. They’ll soon change their minds. Listen to all advice, doesn’t mean you have to take it. Katie
  • If your bottle feeding, and your on your own, I found it was easier to have two bounces and sit on the floor in between them. In the early days I found it helpful to have them on the same routine otherwise your constantly feeding and changing bums. But, you’ll find what works for you and what doesn’t. And if anyone offers to help, don’t be shy or too proud and take it. Kristen
  • Twins are awesome I have 2 sets of twins and find that they calm each other time if one is crying the are awesome together and raising twins aint as hard as it sounds Tracie
  • I agree with most of the other mums get them into a routine feed together bath together and hopefully sleep at the same times together at least you can have a rest In between. Look it’s not easy having twins I must admit but it’s such a blessing and yes it does get easier!!! My boys are now 4 and I have another who is now 9 months old. Samantha
  • Bite the bullet & take a trip out of the house on your own early on. It gets easier Michelle
  • Never worry about ppl coming over and seeing a mess because your main worry will be to keep yourself and bubs all safe and healthy and properly rested. Navera
  • don’t scare them!! Lol Katie
  • Routine is absolute key – they adapt and learn this very quickly. If not for their sake – then your sanity. Having twins in some ways is harder – but easier in others. For example having a 2 year old and a newborn I think would be more challenging because they’ll have different demands of you. Be organised and enjoy the moments – it’s very special. Hyper Diaper
  • Definitely on the same routine, don’t stress too much the first 12 weeks are the hardest! Having multiples really is amazing. If someone offers to help, take it and try and get out of the house as much as possible. Kiri
  • Routine is a must for sanity!! Gives you and your partner some grown up time as well, they may be twins but they are individual little people, don’t dress them in the exact same outfit, try same outfit but different colours and don’t be ashamed to go to the toilet just to sit and take a moment to yourself! Bree
  • I kept mine on the same routine otherwise I would have got no sleep I also invested in 2 horseshoe pillows so I could have one on my lap & one on the lounge next to me so I could feed them both at the same time it’s certainly a learning experiance & to each their own, you will find your on routine but try to take some time out for yourself. KerryAnne
  • Breathe! Don’t have expectations of yourself or anyone else, especially your babies. Accept that the babies will dictate everything – birth, feeding, sleeping etc, while it’s true enough for one it’s even more true with multiples. A routine can work really well, it suited us to do everything for both babies at the same time – feeds, sleeps, changes etc. Whatever works for you, works. Period. Nobody gets a say unless they’re with you 24/7 and helping you! And just expect people to have something to say, especially if you have other kids, and even more so if they’re close together! Expect dumb questions (are they identical, are they IVF, did you plan to have twins, do they run in your family… things you would never ever get asked with a singleton!). And DO NOT forget to find a little time for yourself, and your relationship. Oh, and accept help Jo
  • Be mindful of the time you have with them individually because it goes by even faster then with one. Enjoy Bianca
  • Keep them on the same schedule is definitely my #1 sanity saver. But still remember that they are 2 individuals so you may need to be flexible to accommodate their individual needs- e.g my daughter needs more sleep than my son so I put her to bed 15mins earlier for each nap, and my son has always been hungrier so he gets an extra feed a day. Also car capsules are worth every cent, especially if you have older children to work around. Added bonus if they both can click into your pram! Kiri
  • As above I also kept mine on the same feeding schedule or I found I was feeding one and then the other, over and over again. If one woke for a bottle I woke the other too. (I know people say never wake a sleeping baby, but if I didn’t, I wouldn’t have been able to sleep – then in turn, wouldn’t be able to look after them. Rest rest rest when ever you get the chance. Ask for help. Spend 1- 1 with each baby, each day. Remember that you are not alone and it really truly does get EASIER….. There is a light at the end of the tunnel lol. (Mine are now 2 and I am loving it) Shannon
  • Enjoy it, the bad stuff never last long and it is as easy as one if you don’t worry and go with the flow Taryn
  • It gets easier and it’s the best fun ever! Susanna

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