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How can I stop baby getting distracted whilst breastfeeding

7 month old baby distracted while breastfeedingMy 7month old is getting distracted whilst breastfeeding during the day. What have others done to stop their baby getting distracted while feeding?

  • I used to go lay down and feed was the only thing that worked Kristel
  • Laying down in the quiet or turning off tv etc. Mines a sticky nose too. Too much fun stuff going on he doesn’t want to miss out. Just forgets to unlatch when having a look…..ouchie!!! Amy
  • I bought a teething/feeding necklace that she can play with while she feeds. It’s colourful and hangs at the perfect length. Doubles up as a tether so when she’s looking for something to bite, she pops it in her mouth was about $25 and is safe for baby to chew, plus it’s fashionable and I have a few different colours to go with different outfits Monique
  • If need be sit in a quiet room, no tv on, don’t use your phone Tenille
  • You could try a breastfeeding necklace so bubs can play with it while feeding? Have a look on etsy Which reminds me, I need to get one lol Sammy
  • During the day fed away from noise and distractions. Usually in his bedroom so there wasn’t much to distract him. But not always possible. Naomi
  • I have that same issue, so I moved the feeding chair into his room with no distractions (tv, phone, dad talking)…. Amelia
  • If you can, lie down to feed. If you’re out, the parents rooms can be less distracting:). Jenn
  • You can try wearing a teething necklace for bub to play with while you feed Danielle
  • Try wearing a necklace to distract bub or feed in a quiet room. Jessica
  • I grabbed a teething necklace & had a breastfeeding cover. Perfect as he was behind cover so quickly learned there was no point looking around & he just fiddles with my necklace Briony

    What are your best tips for a 7 month old baby distracted while breastfeeding, comment below

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