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How early was your baby engaged?

how early was your baby engagedHow early did your baby engage and how long after baby engaged did you go into labour?

Baby engaged then went into labour

  • 38 weeks and went into labour exactly 2 weeks later baby was born in his exact due date Brittany
  • Has nothing to do when you will go into labour ! I engaged with all 4, by 36 weeks and still had to be induced with two of mine Jasmine
  • I was about 38 weeks when bub was engaged and I got induced 40+10 weeks. Eunice
  • I felt my son engage at 32 weeks. I went into labour at 40+4 had him at 40+5 Leesa
  • Engaged @ 33 weeks & went in to labour @ 40 weeks + 3 days Keira
  • Engaged and 3 cms dilated from 37-38 weeks. Was induced at 39 weeks and had a 5 hour labour. Steph
  • Both mine engaged well before 36wks. First went to 40+10, second to 40+5 Sam1st engaged at 28 weeks, was induced at 41+3, born by csec at 41+5. 2nd engaged at 35ish weeks, induced at 40+2, born vaginally same day. 3rd engaged during active labour, born vaginally approx 3 hours after she engaged. Jenna
  • Was engaged at 28 weeks. Didn’t go into labour at all and had c section at 38+4 days Amber
  • 1st from 32weeks, bubs was born 39+2. 2nd 35/36weeks, bubs was born 40+4. Kirraleigh
  • I was engaged and 2cm dilated at 37weeks but never went into actual labour ended up being induced at 41+3 turnes out a narrow pelvis and babies head in an awkward position does not make for an easy birth lol everyone and every pregnancy is different tho goodluck with the arrival of ur little one !! Ashlea
  • Engaged at 29 weeks was induced at 41+2 – bub decided to turn his head when induced as well – your baby will do what ever they want! Teegen
  • Around 30 weeks but no baby until 40+3 Kelsi
  • My first (and only) baby (so far!) engaged at 33w and I went into labor 38w5d. Emily
  • I was engaged at 30 weeks but induced at 37 Tayla
  • My bub engaged on my due date after a membrane sweep. I was induced at 41 weeks with the gel on the drip at 41+1 gave birth at 41+2 Tegwen
  • I was engaged from about 33 weeks with both kids. 1st was right on time and the 2nd was 4 days late. Sara 

Not engaged until labour

  • My bubs wasn’t engaged until I went into labour, now 38wks with no 2 baby and not engaged, as long as they are head down that’s a good start, if you are worried talk to your doc and ask them to explain Emily
  • my first never engaged. And my labour was 3 hours Louisa
  • My bubs head was not engaged at my 36 week check up at 11:30am. My waters broke at 2:15pm that day and I was 10cms within 1 hour. Kiri
  • Never engaged, waters ruptured at 39+5, induced due to contractions no longer progressing, still not engaged, em csec at 40wks. Kate
  • neither of mine didn’t engage till labour started (they were both 1/5 or some thing) but still floating one was two days late the other two days early Teresa
  •  First baby lowered around 39 weeks but never really engaged, induced on due date and born the next day, neither of my other 2 bothered to engage at all and were born at 40+4 with no induction. Suzannah
  • Did not engage till i was in labor at 38 + 5 Rhea


  • From weeks to hours. One of mine engaged around 6 weeks before due date and my last bub wasn’t engaged in the morning of my last doctors visit and I had her less than 12 hrs later. Karlee
  • first baby was engaged from 33 weeks. Second baby still wasn’t engaged when I was in labour 9cm dilated! Kahlia

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