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How To Clean A Pram

how to clean a pram - safe and effective methodsBought a pram second hand and looking to clean it up a little. What is a safe and effective ways to clean a pram?

  • Purity washing liquid:  Star by pulling the whole pram apart.  I scrubbed my whole pram out side and left it in the sun as sun light kills bacteria and gets rid of stains. Any thing that can detach put in the washing machine and put back on your pram to dry. Cristy

Wash in the bath

  • If you can’t put it in the washing machine I would fill the bath with the washing powder you use and scrub then rinse with the hose. Zora

Washing machine

  • Most prams come apart enough so that you can remove the seat fabric. Just wash on cold/cool delicate wash and refit to pram frame to dry so that it doesn’t shrink when drying.  Bicarbonate soda paste (bicarbonate soda and water) and a spray of white vinegar work well to clean fabric, scrub then just rinse off. Garden hose to rinse off works well if all else fails. Nicole

Bicarbonate and Vinegar

  • You should be able to remove the pram liner and pit on gentle cycle in washing machine. Otherwise bicarbonate and vinegar. Amanda
  • Milton products or good ol’ fairy up liquid?? I use cillit bang (the purple and orange spray) to clean my chassis and all the material pieces I put in the washing machine following the care instructions. Alice

Diluted dettol

  • Remove as much of material as possible and machine wash accordingly. I googled manuals and instructions if they didn’t come with pram. For frame I make up diluted detol and spray heaps and wipe clean. For major stains hot soapy water and dish scourer/sponge. Sarah

Steam Mop

  • I used a steam mop and it came up like brand new. Nicole

Share your best tips on how to clean a pram?

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