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34 Magic Eraser Hacks that Confirm Why They’re Magic

If you haven’t discovered magic erasers yet we’re about to rock your world with these magic eraser hacks. If you already love this cleaning genius and it’s incredible ways, you’ll …

clean house with kids

How to Have a Clean House with Kids.

{Discussion} I would love to know how or when other parents get their house work done.

Marie Kondo

How tidying up KonMari style has improved my life

It’s been a few weeks since I decided to get on board with the new Netflix series and ‘Marie Kondo’ my home, but it’s not just my decor that has …

Marie Kondo

How to Marie Kondo when you don’t have Netflix

If you don’t have Netflix and you’re suffering from a serious case of FOMO, fear not! This Netflix loving Mum has watched Tidying Up with Marie Kondo and has the …

stain removal tips for kids clothes

Stain removal tips for kid’s clothes

What are your best tips for getting rid of stains in your kid’s clothes? Chemical free or if you use a product. Also what particular stains have you had to struggle to get out and what worked

how to clean a pram

How To Clean A Pram

How to clean a pram – parents share their best tips to clean a pram using safe and effective cleaning products

storing baby clothes for the next baby

Storing baby clothes

Q&A: How have other parents stored their babies clothes that they plan to keep for their next child? I plan to have a 4ish age gap so I need clothes to stay fresh for a long time. So far ive just got them folded in a plastic tub

Help When Second Baby Born

Q&A: I’m due with my second child in 3 weeks and have a 3year old as well. My mum been very kind and has offered to come and help for a week. I’m wanting others experience on when they felt was the best time to have someone come and help?

Spring Clean Challenge New Mum’s Helper Checklist

New Mum’s Helper Checklist This Spring Clean Challenge New Mum’s Helper Checklist is a great, practical way to help out a new mum – it can be left on the kitchen …

{REVIEW + GIVEAWAY} Dettol Cleaning Products [CLOSED]

Review of the Dettol Power & Pure Bathroom Spray, plus a giveaway!

Dettol Cleaning Products – Review

Due to my laziness very busy mummy schedule, I’m always keen to find new products that make cleaning faster and easier (I’m still waiting to find a magic cleaning wand). So I was very interested to see how Dettol’s  Floor Cleaning System and Power & Pure range fared with the mess left by my three littlies (and me *ahem*).

Review: Dettol Hand Wash Dispenser

When the Dettol No-Touch Automatic Hand Wash Dispenser first came on the market, my first thought was “Why would you worry about getting germs from the soap pump if you are about to wash them anyway?”. So what did I think when I finally gave them a go?

Minimising mess with craft

Q&A: Do you do much craft at home? How do you control the mess? Or do you just let them go and worry about it later?

When to stop sterilising Baby items

Q&A: Just wondering when everyone stops sterilising bottles? I have always done it till they stop having them but have heard that the health nurses are saying after 6months.

spring clean

Spring Clean Challenge Week 1

The first week we will be working on the kitchen.


Homemade Cleaning Products

Instructions for making various household cleaners, including all purpose cleaner, shower cleaner and drain cleaner.

kitchen cleaning routine

Kitchen cleaning routine

Have more time to play (or even have some time to yourself) with these kitchen cleaning tips

bathroom cleaning routine

Bathroom cleaning routine

Have more time to play (or even have some time to yourself) with these bathroom cleaning tips.

cleaning with your children

Cleaning with your children

Get your children involved in cleaning the house! At the beginning they may not be helpful, however they are distracted while you clean and it wont be long before they are more help

5 tips to make cleaning easier and quicker

Find some more time to play with the kids (or even to have a cuppa) with these general cleaning tips.