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How to survive winter weekend sports

The winter sports season is fast approaching and whilst the kids might be totally pumped, we know you’re dreading the early mornings in freezing temps.

The difference between enjoying yourself or feeling cold and miserable can come down to wearing the right winter fashion accessories. We’ve got some awesome fashion hacks to survive winter weekend sports without having to compromise on style.

1. A good pair of Thermal Socks

Get to a camping store and find yourself a pair of thermal socks. You’d never believe it; but hidden underneath my gorgeous women’s fashion boots are the warmest feet any mum has ever stood on. Wearing thermal socks helps keep my little tootsies warm and stops them from going numb in the early morning sports match. They offer great cushioning and comfort too when standing for long periods of time and can double up as slipper socks around the house.

Survive winter weekend sport

2. A full Travel Mug

There is nothing better than a hot cup of coffee when standing out in the freezing winter weather and watching your child go for gold. Especially if there’s no canteen at the sporting fields or coffee van offering a hot cup of joe – this is a genius hack. Getting a good quality travel mug is not only a great way to keep warm, they are on trend, good for the environment, and good for keeping you hydrated. Winning!

3. Hand warmers

Like your feet; having warm hands are a great way to increase your overall body temperature. There are great disposable options like Hot Hands Hand Warmers available from pharmacies for around $2. At that price, you could buy one for the other team mums and be the MVP from the sideline squad.

4. Invest in a quality coat

A good quality jacket will both add to your style while keeping you warm and protected from the elements. Depending on your fashion style, here are some great Women’s Winter Jackets you can look into. A Down Coat (or something similar) will keep your warmer as it offers fantastic insulation. Available in ¾ length jackets and with hoods to offer the additional benefit on ensuring there are no gaps around your waist and head. The next best option to keep warm is a Wool Coat. More stylish; you can get a vast range of wool coats to reflect your personal style and colour preferences. Tip: The higher the percentage of wool in the coat, the warmer it will be.

5. If you can’t beat ’em, join ’em

The other way to stay warm outdoors in winter is to get active. There is some fantastic activewear built especially for cold weather workouts. Search for thermal pants, wind resistant jackets and insulated vests and then take a brisk walk around the soccer oval or netball courts. You’ll be warm in no time.


This article was written by Lorraine Salvi from mumsdelivery.com.au

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