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Is it ok to Give Twins Similar Names?

naming twinsDo you think its OK to name your twins with similar names? Possibly starting with the same name or even rhyming?

  • I think its a personal choice just like naming singletons lol tho if I twin boys I always envisioned they would be named bert and ernie..hahaha and I guess thats why I didnt get twins Vanessa
  • My Mum wanted to call me and my twin brother Paul and Paula…. No lie. Glad she changed her mind! Sash x
  • I think it is tacky but that’s just my opinion. They are seperate individuals and feel they need individual names just like everyone else Ellie
  • Ppl follow patterns all the time even without having twins.. My Aunty had three kids named Ocean, Reef and Laken… My sister in law has Paige and Inca (ink) she only needs a boy named Penn and she has a set… I personally don’t like it but each to their own Cindy
  • I didn’t want rhyming or similar names…mine are identical girls Charlotte and Jessica Christielee
  • It’s up to the parents. Every person thinks different. As long as the name isn’t something that will hinder the child in the long run. My twin girls are Harper & Serenity. Stacey
  • I think it’s important to name them as individuals. Sure twins have a bond but they also are two separate babies who will grow up to be two different people. Go for Patty and Selma… not Patty and Hattie lol Zoe
  • Same initials is fine but sometimes rhyming their names is a tad silly. But each to their own. Natalie
  • They’re your kids and you should feel free to what you please. I don’t have twins, but my mother and sister do. I personally don’t like matching letters. My twin brothers both start with J. It gets very confusing at times. I much prefer my nieces- they have different letters D and L. I don’t mind matching names like Lily and Rose- both flowers, thats cute. Tiffany
  • Call your children what you want other peoples opinions are irrelevant Lucy
  • If I had twin boys, they will be called Jake and Elwood ahahaha Amy
  • Same initial will pose a problem with labeling stuff, same names I think is just making life hard on yourself and them, rhyming is ok but confusing, I have Christopher and William and I’m always mixing their names up or mixing the two together. A name says so much about someone, their already twins don’t mash em together anymore than us necessary Katie
  • We wanted our girls to both have short names and couldn’t agree on both so my husband chose Mia Jean and I chose Annie Grace. Easiest way to solve the baby name dispute, have twins lol.. Wendy
  • I don’t have twins but I wouldn’t. I think they need their own identity. Angela
  • I have 2yr old twins boy & girl Mia & Mason. Kerryanne
  • I am not a mother of multiples but I think it’s cute. I had names picked for twins before my 12 week scan lol. Harlow for a girl and Harlem for a boy. Joanne
  • I think if its your baby its your choice and you get to name them House if youd like to. Or Batman.. Tamara
  • I have twin nephews… Max & Alex… My son calls them the X men! Kassy
  • Having the same initial and birthdate is annoying. Every time I call government etc they pick up my twin’s name first. All good once we got married and changed last names. Jes
  • Yes… but also maybe annoying later. I don’t have any twins. But my sons are JordaN and JacksoN girls middle names HaileY and HoneY. I matched 1st and last letters. And I constantly yell the wrong name at my boys when I’m a bit flustered or tired. Middle names were ok though. Alicia
  • We have ruby maria and layla jayde Kasey
  • my twin girls names are Arihia (maori/new zealand for Alicia) & Anahera (maori for Angel) both named after close relatives. i get them muddled up ALL the time!! Lol Kahu
  • I have a friend with twins and their names have the same meaning but totally different names (different origins). I think that is nice Lani
  • We have twin friends Melissa ans Melinda Alicica
  • My boys are Kyson and Aiden. Unintentional, but both five letter names which I love (and end in n!). I always thought I’d try to name them with the same letter to start with, but I didn’t like two names that started with the same letter each enough to do so. I think rhyming is way too much. Cute when they are small but think about how they will feel as adults. Steph
  • I felt that when we had twins whilst there are identical they have heir own personality so I named my girls Caroline-savannah and Elizabeth-Taylor… Catherine
  • My boys aren’t twins but their names both start with C Allysha
  • My twins are Steele Joseph and Annalise Grace Paula
  • As I wrote on THT I personally don’t, where is their own person in that? I named my twins Pascalle and Eden two very individual names for two separate people. Essy
  • I like the idea of the same initial.. But rhyming and super close names seems to take away their individuality in my opinion. Alana
  • No they will get mixed up enough as it is and even you will end up doing it! My parents mixed up siblings names and they didn’t even sound the same! You end up saying a mix of the two names together when you’re quickly yelling out after one. Alison
  • Not a fan personally. I think the names have to roll off the tongue together nicely though. Remember the babies are the ones who have to live with it….. Kieran
  • I didn’t but to each their own. The child eventually turns into an adult and has to live with the name you chose for the rest of their lives Emma
  • I have rahzel and Ricardo for my sons, dad’s name is Rhys…. I try all names before getting the right one but my nanna is a twin her name is Marjorie and twinnies is Margaret and have never been confused! Mace
  • I have identical twin boys, Kenneth and Brendan, they get Kenny and Brenny lol Michelle
  • My husband is a twin…His name is Greg & his twin brother is Grant… Narelle
  • They are two separate people with thier own identies. Different letters and dont rhyme. Kershel
  • My identical twin sister is Kristy Maree and I am Kirsty Sharee. It has caused no end of confusion for most of our lives! Took me to get married and change my surname to make life easier. I can understand wanting to call twins two long names, two shorts names or two names that start with the same letter etc. After all, the names will be used together for years. Kirsty
  • I personally wouldn’t go with matchy twin names, but if that’s your thing, then better to alliterate than rhyme IMO. Eg. Jake and John sounds way less cringeworthy than Jake and Blake… Amy
  • My friends 1yo twin dd’s are Sasha Anna and Katja Jizella Larsie
  • I would just choose names that felt right I wouldnt even think they would have to have same initial or rhyme etc. But I would like them to sound nice when said together. I did that with my 2 singletons Adrienne
  • My twins are Harper and Nate we weren’t a fan on the same letters or having similar names. Katy
  • Not for me! But each to his own. Kylie
  • I recon rhyming or starting with the same letter is awesome for twins lol Allysha
  • I don’t have twins but I don’t like have rhyming names. My mum had enough difficulty with us 4 kids- casey, Rhys Chloe and Christian. Us c’s just used to get pointed at lol. I like the intials idea but. If my bubs a girl she may end up with the same intials as her dad. Depending on the middle name Casey
  • How bout Tyler and Skylah hehe so cute Jessica
  • If I had twins it would of been Hayley an Kayleigh Tearna
  • Well I did I have tyreese and tyrone and sataya and shaun Tracie
  • Whatever the parents want to do :)) I don’t have twins but my boys are Jared & Jai & if probably still call them that if they were twins, I call my eldest by my sisters name sometimes, by accident, so I don’t think it has anything to do with them sounding the same etc that you’d get them mixed up. Aliesha
  • My ID girls are Scarlett Rose and Bobbi June. I wanted the names to have the same number of syllables but that was it. I personally am not a fan of matchy names, because even when identical they are still separate people. Bit each to their own! KellyLouise
  • I’m not a fan but each to their own I say. Paula
  • Our 2 year old twins are Hudson Neil and Hannah Joan (same # letters in both and both H names) Lynda
  • Yes absolutely Danielle
  • You can name you kids what ever the hell you want to!! As long as it’s not something stupid of course! Katy
  • If its what you want then go for it! Alice
  • You can name them why ever you want they are your kids if other people don’t like it tuff, just because they have rhyming or what ever names doesn’t mean they won’t be individuals Krista
  • Each to their own. Pick names that you love and don’t worry what anyone else thinks Kym
  • I don’t think it’s right to tell someone what they can and can’t name their kids, but I personally wouldn’t. I used to teach identical twin girls called Brianna, and Sienna and boy was it hard work. I had enough trouble telling them apart, then alone getting their names right Tamara
  • My twins are Draven and Chayce. They deserved their own names. Shell
  • My twinkie and I are Sarah and Stephanie but I agree…..parents get to choose. No judging here. Stephanie
  • Personally I don’t like it, especially if they are identical it makes it even harder for people if they have names that sound the same! But hey each to their own!!! My b/g twins are Justin and Violet Amy
  • I personally don’t, where is their own person in that? I named my twins Pascalle and Eden two very individual names for two separate people. Essy

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