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IVF PregnancyAnyone had a baby with IVF? How was your pregnancy, did you go earlier and how did you find your IVF doctor, were they helpful or do you think you needed more support. Advice and any tips would be grateful, have my first appointment on Tuesday.

  • We have an IVF bubba. My pregnancy went completely smoothly. I worried all the way through it obviously but I found that I did relax more as time went on and each scan looked normal etc. I ended up having a Caesar but that was because she was pretty huge (9lb 10) and wouldn’t come down into a birthing position so I actually went a few days over. We went through 2 IVF clinics before we were successful and having to change partway through was very time consuming because the new Dr wanted to do all his own investigations before starting. So I would recommend being really sure you are happy both with the Dr & the clinic in general (because in my experience you will deal with the nurses far more than you will your Dr) before you go ahead with any actual IVF cycles. We were clueless when we started out so we just went with the Dr the gynaecologist suggested but in hind sight we probably should have done more research & perhaps had an appt with a couple of places before we made a decision. Our 2nd clinic has been great though, DD is now 13months Helen
  • We had an IVF bubba pregnancy was fine and I went 5 days over due date. We went thru Genea and they were fantastic! The nurses were amazing and although it was a little overwhelming thinking u have to remember everything they run thru in there (times to take nasal spray, when to start injections, blood tests, etc) they always gave me an information sheet with dates and explanations and u realise quickly that u can just ring and ask nurses ANYTHING if ever ur unsure or just having an overwhelming moment of uncertainty as to exactly when u needed to start the next process (had a few of those )My sister is doing the same at the moment and she had a few issues with hyperstimulation and positive preg result exaggerated symptoms but she’s over that now and 16 weeks into pregnancy Becki
  • Wellington fertility associate were fantastic. Best pregnancy ever healthy boy 8lb7 (no sickness. 2 weeks overdue (induced) talk to family and/or a close friend. All the best.. Fingers and toes crossed for u Jodi
  • I went thru IVF australia, have a son now. I researched my dr on the internet. The nurses were fantastic and our dr was great. Write down any questions u want to ask. Good luck Michelle
  • My baby is with IVF! I had my doctor recommended to me! If you are in Brisbane I can send you all of his details! For me was a good experience! Excellent support! My pregnancy then was a good one but you know how they say every pregnancy is different! Then due medical conditions I had to have a cesarean so she was born on week 38! Healthy baby! Her development is perfect and I am very happy with everything!!! Ingrid
  • We have a perfect, amazing 1 year old through IVF – it took me 3 rounds and 3 different clinics – I think the reason it worked third time was because I finally found a doctor and clinic I liked and trusted and I relaxed. Go with your gut feeling with the doctor and don’t proceed if you don’t feel good about it – try someone else. Once pregnant there is no difference to a natural pregnancy. Good luck – crossing everything for you AnneMarie
  • Im pregnant with my 2nd ivf baby ( but 4th all up) went thru Genea ivf sydney & they were fantastic. We live in rural area so once past falling pregnant i just see my local gp. Pregnancy no different to my non ivf ones. Found all their services/staff etc more than helpful & they offer counselling etc if needed. Inbox me if u want any more details Isabel
  • My dd was IVF, I went into labour two weeks before due date. My IVF dr was fabulous, but I did have some complications after I fell pregnant and was in and out of hospital up until about 8 weeks. One other IVF dr that saw me in this time was awful, and i asked for my dr to be contacted and he wasn’t. Thankfully we had left a message for him at his rooms, and he called us to follow up. Anthea
  • My baby was IVF – pregnancy was a breeze and he came 6 days late. Doctors and nurses at the IVF clinic (Monash IVF in Melbourne) were amazing. They made a difficult situation easier to bear Laura
  • My daughter was born 4.5 weeks ago thanks to ivf. We went through fertility north in WA & after 11 yrs TTC we conceived her on our first go of ivf. Ask lots of questions, even if you think they sound silly to you, there’s no such thing as a silly question! Feel free to pm me if you want Kathleen
  • I had both my boys through ivf. My first is nearly 2 and he arrived at 34wks due to placenta praevia. My second who is 10wks old arrived at 39wks with no issues during the pregnancy. Every pregnancy is different and just because you’re having ivf doesn’t mean baby will come early, although my ob wouldn’t let me go past 40wks though because it was an ivf pregnancy. You definitely need to be comfortable with your ivf dr and you need to be able to talk about your concerns etc with them. My clinic also provided counselling if I needed it and nurses who were always available to talk to. Pm me if you’d like to talk. Kelly

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