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Keeping Sick Family Away From Your Newborn

keeping sick family away from newbornHow do you politely encourage friends and family with sick children to stay away from you and your newborn?

  • One of the best things I have learnt in the past year – ‘No’ is a complete sentence. You don’t need to explain or justify your parenting decisions to anyone. Lou
  • I tell it straight up.. but unfortunately there are some that don’t have that common sense and I feel they think I’m over reacting but I don’t care what they think. My childs health and well being comes first. Its honestly my pet hate. If you or your child is sick do not go out socialising with people. Especially new babies and pregnant women! Charmaine
  • Shouldn’t have to be polite – common sense should prevail! Teegan
  • We have a 3 mth old and haven’t let anyone who hasn’t had the whooping cough vaccine visit . Our baby our decision! And people should respect that Mara
  • Unfortunately not everyone is that thoughtful or has that much common sense. You are a mother and you have every right to say ‘hey guys if Ur sick could be please postpone a visit until after you’ve recovered’. Go with Ur muma lion instincts. They are there for a reason Carmel
  • Someone will get upset no matter how polite you are. People seem to be very easily offended when they can’t hold a new baby Katherine
  • Told all my family and partners fanily they need to get the whooping cough vaccine, not to smoke near my baby and not to touch or come near my baby after a cigarette. Also to stay away if they had been sick or felt sick. I carry hand sanitizer everywhere I go and now bub is 4mo I still make people clean their hands. U just don’t know what they’ve touched! Most people understand. Some get offended but at the end of the day I’m not going to apologise for keeping my baby healthy!! Jess
  • Every time someone mentions they’re sick, reply with “did you hear about the baby who died from that?” Sarah
  • I was very blunt. I don’t even have kids yet (I’m 34weeks) & told ALL family that they must get the whooping cough vaccine prior to seeing my child. And that she’s no longer able to smoke in her own home if she wants me to visit with said child. I just don’t want my child to have to inhale that. She was fine & has already bought paint & scrubbed the walls. I find being blunt & upfront is the best way to get your message across Kayleigh
  • Shouldn’t have to politely encourage them!! They should damn well know. I told people straight up when I brought my prem home. If you or your children have had any kind of cold or sniffle then DO NOT come to my house until at least 72 hours after the symptoms have gone!!! Karen
  • We usually tell it as it is and if people don’t understand then well tough cookies, I’m not putting my child through that stress just to satisfy the emotions and feelings of people who aren’t worthy. John
  • You should never have to justify your reasons as a parent! What u say goes for your babies & those that don’t like it can not be around you! Speaking from experience! Kymberly
  • Anyone that wants to come near us will need to have been vaccinated and be in good health. Otherwise (& I’m not even sorry), don’t bother! Kim
  • One of life’s mysteries! I am still dealing with the repercussions from telling everyone this when my eldest was born 7 years ago now – apparently I am the bad person and made them feel like lepers. My children have allergies but never sick with the flu etc because of the precautions we take and are very healthy – apparently this has no importance to them, many of which don’t have children. I am currently pregnant with my third and at this point if people have a problem with it it’s their problem, I would never visit someone with a baby, or pregnant when I was not well and in general as I wouldn’t want to visit anyone if I was sick. Karolita
  • I dont have to. My friends and family are all very understanding, as am I. Id never take my sick child near their babies and the same goes in return. Depends how sick they are and how old bubba is but we always let each other know if there r any sniffles etc and go from there Lisa
  • If they have any sense they would know I had to wait 5 days to see my new grandson born on the 29/12 and have seen him once because the family and I have been sick. It’s killing me but it’s common sense! Vicki
  • When organising to see people with my little one I just say very politely, everyone well? If they say anything about not feeling great I just say politely, “Maybe we should wait until you are all feeling good, I would hate for Ethan to get sick.” They always understand. Sarah
  • Luckily my friends and family would never bring a sick child around- I’m shocked people do!!! If they did I’d simply ask them to leave. My daughters health is far more important than their feelings. If they didn’t like it then it’s not a real friendship so, meh. Bye. Reeni
  • I say straight up. Even now with an almost 9 month old. When DD was only weeks old we went to lunch with friends who are parents and one and sick as a dog. I made it clear I was annoyed and sat as far away as possible and kept little miss in her basinet with the hood down facing away. I found it so rude and inconsiderate. Kellie
  • Omg Michelle, your mother in law is an incredibly selfish woman! You did the righr thing. At the end of the day, you have to protect your children and that is far more important than protecting grown adult’s feelings Brooke

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