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Keeping your baby on their back in bed

mummy with baby in cot(Disclaimer: All information provided should be used in conjunction with safety guidelines such as those from SIDS and Kidsafe.  The hints and tips listed are from website users, not that of the website owner, and a doctor should be consulted before relying on the information found here. Please refer to Sids and Kids for more information on safe sleeping. Take this information into consideration in conjunction with the following practical advice from parents.)

Any tips on how you managed to keep your child on their back for sleep time once they started to roll.

  • My daughter would not sleep on her back as much as I tryed she would wake up during the night two weeks after birth I put her on her tummy and she sleeps through as of two weeks old and still is a tummy baby and shes 10 months old I dont think its fair to keep moving a child when they ovisley don’t want to b in that position. Lauren
  • Once they can roll it is safe for them to do so and no issue with them not being on their back Reynaldo
  • Go and read the SIDS recommendations because contrary to the above once a child can roll independently you don’t need to force them onto their back, just put them down on their back to start with. Rebecca
  • When they can roll…it is not Such a worry Wendi
  • Once bub can roll they will sleep however they like. Putting objects in cots to keep them on their backs is just unsafe. My son slept on his belly from 4 months, I gave up trying to move him on to his back. Bree
  • I did back sleeping until my bub decided he’d rather sleep on his tummy. He slept on his side until 8 months then he started sleeping on his tummy. He would crack it if I tried to put him on his tummy so I let him go. I was also under the understanding that once bub is rolling the risk is minimal Ash
  • Tennis ball taped to their back Teresa
  • Babies aren’t dogs that are meant to be trained to stay on their backs and sleep in one position.. I’m pretty sure you don’t sleep in the on position all night and I’d get pretty irate if someone kept trying to move me back into one position while I was asleep. Rhonda
  • I never stopped mine once they started but I’ve heard safe-t-sleep are good Emma
  •  I’d suggest an angel care sleep monitor that alarms if baby stops breathing cos there’s no way to stop a baby rolling. Miranda
  • wen my 3rd child started rolling on her side to sleep i asked her pediatrition what to do he said to let her be Grace
  • If your concerned when they can roll and don’t want to put extra “stuff” in their cot invest in a movement monitor. Best peace of mind I’ve ever had and there is nothing bub can get caught on, stuck in etc as its all under mattress. Kerri-Anne
  • If they can lift their head I think they’ll b ok… Unless they’re sick or something…. My girls have made it to 9.5 & 7yrs….. Although every child is different! Emma
  • Mine started to sleep on tummy from 4mths she was able to move her head and wAs most comfortable that way. So long as her cot was safe environment she was fine and still is at 10momths. I was told at sleep school as long as they can lift their head they will do what they need to do to get comfy and to turn their head till they learn. Bianca
  • My daughter was always in a sleeping bag and from when she started to roll onto her tummy from about 4 months I figured she was strong enough to move her head to the side and put herself in a comfortable position, she’s two now and still sleeps on her tummy! Natalie
  • I was told by my MCHN that once bubs starts rolling there isn’t much you can do about it. Put to sleep on back but if they roll to side or tummy, so be it. This isn’t against SIDS advice Fiona
  • my #3 & #4 have been belly sleepers since about 2 months old so i let them sleep on their stomach!! no-one will make me feel bad for doing what my kids wanted for a good sleep Sarah
  • You really can’t unless you use products suggested above which go against SIDS guidelines. Try tight blankets with bub at bottom of cot or sleeping bag. As SIDS states once they are rolling its best to let them go rather than trying to keep them in position with stoppers. It is scary but if they are strong enough to roll they are generally strong enough to lift/move their heads when tummy sleeping. Adriana
  • I used a sheet, tucked so far under the cot at the end that it didn’t go over bubs face and I tucked the sheet in on both sides of the cot, it certainly stopped him from rolling Brooke
  • It’s is a bigger SIDS risk to put something in the cot to stop them rolling then it is to just let them roll. Once bub can roll, I’d suggest no longer wrapping their arms but other then that, just let bub get comfy- if they can roll, they have enough neck support to move if something obstructs their air way Katiee
  • The Safe T sleep is fantastic Annalisa
  • I agree.. I wrapped my babies until they tried to roll in their wrap.. Then I used a sleeping bag with a cellular blanket over the top… Sometimes babies roll onto their tummy when they’re cold so the sleeping bag plus a cellular blanket or two helped stop the rolling Tia
  • Don’t wrap them so they can roll back Sasha
  • The tresillian sheet wrapping system. Call them and they’ll explain Clare
  • The new safe t sleep has a piece that goes between their legs also, making it impossible to roll over. Amber
  • Use a single bed sheet and tuck it in? My mum did that with us 3 kids my son sleeps on his side Kassie
  • My bub started to roll onto her tummy in bed at 3 months. I was worried but just kept putting her to bed on her back in a sleeping bag. Spoke to SIDS people and that’s what they recommended Tara
  • I have a cotton blanket from pure baby tucked in at both sides and he can’t roll. It has to be tucked in at back end of cot by rolling it up, then tucking between rails and mattress. It shouldn’t budge when you pull at it. Then place baby in bed, pull tightly but with some room that they can bend their legs, and roll and tuck in the closer end of cot. See how you go. Petroula
  • I personally found the baby sleeping bags were great to stop rolling when my sons were little. Unfortunately I didn’t have one with my daughter. Also maybe for peace of mind just incase you don’t have one get an angelcare monitor with the motion pad. They are the best. Haylee
  • SIDS approved sleeping bag. Darrell
  • Once Bubs can roll they have the strength to move their head when need be, wedges and other products are actually a SIDS risk because if they scooched down and turn their head it can suffocate them. Rolling is a part of development and having my son sleeping on his belly was hard for me to accept because he was born 26 weeks and a higher risk of SIDS but at 9 months old and rolling over I have had to accept he will sleep on his belly.
  •  If they can roll they should br fine to sleep on tummy… its just natural… nothing should be put in a babys cot.. especially not rolled up towels and rubber bands thats the type of things that increases the risk Nicole
  •  SIDS do not encourage the use of any sleep position aids as there have been fatalities with children suffocating with these aids.They state not to have anything in their cot at all. Chay
  •  Every doctor or chn has said id they roll on their belly while asleep to leave them. Kai
  •  The SIDS Website recommend that you should not use any sort of sleep positioners. The safest is to put baby in a sleeping bag with no other blankets etc. Once they can roll you should just leave them where they sleep. Kara
  •  A sheet tucked firmly across their tummy? Depends how determined they are! Megan
  •  I had the sound safe holding thingy to prevent rolling with all 3 kids. When baby 1 & 2 started to roll in th cot I removed it. Baby 3 started to not sleep on beck or side so he became a tummy sleeper from 1.5-2mnths, now 7mnths n sleeping fine( but I do have a angel care mat just incase he stops breathing as he had done a few times when back sleeper) each to their own and I dnt think its right to fully prevent them from being able to fully roll etc. Donna
  •  I use the stopper, mine fits right between his sides and doesn’t move as it has a Velcro piece holding it together underneath. If I didn’t have this I would not be able to sleep at all. Chandel
  • When my first daughter started to roll I called the SIDS helpline for advice. Do that! The advice I got surprised me and made me feel more comfortable about what was happening Katrina
  •  The safe t sleep is actually just like having a sheet under your bib with a part that wraps round their belly so their is no wedges or anything in the cot being unsafe Sarah
  •  buy a sleep positioner or safe t sleep google them Melissa
  •  I was under the impression that when they start rolling, they could sleep there. Brit
  •  My daughter started sleeping on her side & belly at about 7-8 months but she can could crawl & roll so I wasn’t too worried. I still check her all the time. Amanda
  •  Attach Velcro to there clothes and linen… Lol sounds dumb but surely it would work! Megan
  •  A sleeping bag helped when she could roll over the sleep positioner Jorja
  •  I have a safe t sleep it is the most amazing thing keeps her on her back and has made the transition from swaddling so much easier Sarah
  •  The safe t sleep is awesome. Lauren
  •  A friend of mine once gave me a fabulous idea, using a night light the projects stars onto the roof. Captures their attention and hopefully will keep them on their back. Bianca
  •  My 7 month old sleeps In a sleeping grow bag and he can’t roll when his wearing it Candice
  •  I used to roll up a towel and put it in a u shape with the curve just under his feet and the rest of the towel up until it was under his arms. The hospital showed me how to do this. Its hard to explain but I hope you can understand it. But once he was old enough and I constantly found him on his tummy and ge could hold his head up I left him. The first few nights were a bit unsetteling but he is 2 years old and now and is a tummy sleeper Cheryl
  •  you can roll face washes up and put rubber bands around them. I just used one that had two foam like thing attached by material. Never really used it. If they are rolling they can usually lift their head so I just let them go. Alli
  •  My dr told me if they can roll they will roll themselfs and get comfy and get them outa bad spots on their own. I found sleeping bags for babies good cause then I didnt hav to worry about loose blankets. I still checkd him all the time I think he sleeps on his bak more now at 3 then he ever did as a bub. (Even though I always put him on his back) If ur really worried u can use the foam stoppers or the pool noodle is a good idea too Kim
  •  A couple of my friends had success with the sleep positioners and the safe-t-sleep but my DS would roll over the top of the positioners and throw a fit with Safe-t-sleep. So it’s all trial and error all bibs are different but be sure to always keep to the Safe Sleeping guidelines. Lucy
  •  pool noodles cut down under the sheet so it won’t move… or wraps/blankets the same… keep the below underarms. Sara
  •  we used ‘chocks’ (like a wedge either side – from big w) until he learnt to roll outta them. then i figured he should be ok to sleep on his belly cos he was strong enough to get out of them. Juleen
  •  I have anti rolls in place! they are great!!! Gayle
  •  Once a baby can roll, the risk of tummy sleeping is mostly eliminated (ie risk of not being able to move head which can cause suffocation). Just let them roll and get comfortable. I personally wouldn’t restrict movement or place anything in a cot, this to me is more of a SIDS risk than the rolling itself. Juliet
  •  I rolled rolled up towels under a blanket either side of my dd to keep her on her side..she eventually started to sleep on her tummy..but she could roll both ways and hold her head up by this stage Holly
  •  I could never stop my son once he started it. I would watch him on the baby monitor and never placed any blankets or pillows with him in the cot. My son prefers to sleep on his tummy just like me Jen
  •  You can purchase the anti roll sleep mats now. Sherie
  •  once bubs starts rolling they have strong neck muscles to move their head…..i never moved them back on their back, they are obviously comfy! Sarah
  •  U can buy these rolls that go on either side of bubs to prevent them from rolling. Ours has a little lamb on one side and has special air breather material. Chandel
  •  We use the foam support roller things – tis great! Kate
  •  wrapping and using the safe to sleep Velcro thing love it gives me peace of mind aswell as monitor of course Lori
  •  Their is a product called safe t sleep which straps aroun the cot mattress and the. Straps around bubs torso Jayme
  •  One of those wedges with the adjustable side bits to keep them in position. Katie
  •  You can buy stopers to go either side of them that has it joined by material the baby lays on and it hold it in place Tammy
  •  Rolled up muslin wraps, towel or similar either side of bub Kate
  •  cut a pool noodle in half, and place the halves either side of bub under a fitted sheet Riannon

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