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Late Roller

later rollerAnyone else’s baby a really late roller? My near 8mo sits on her own but won’t roll. When did your bub finally roll?

According to the Children’s Health Guide by the Queensland Health Authority babies start to roll between 6 and 9 months.


Baby rolled at 7 months

  • 7 months and has only just started rolling onto his belly of his own accord
    Has been rolling off his belly with ease for about a month.
    Gymbaroo might be worth investigating I found they teach you how to teach them the next step. Lauren
  • My baby was a late roller she was almost 7 months when she finally rolled lol.. The lady at CAFH told me not to stress about it they will all roll eventually and chubbier/bigger babies are always late to roll Bec
  • I’m a big believer in meeting all the milestones such as pivoting, rolling crawling etc as its a big part of their fine/grose motor skills for co-ordination. My son was 6.5 months and not rolling but sitting up. We saw a physio and got exercises to do with him and he was rolling within days. They said we put him jumperoos and jolly jumpers to early and this made him anti flexor ( back muscles stronger than abdominal) if you start showing him how to roll and put him on the floor a lot, he will roll. Hope it goes well for you. Rebecca
  • My Bub is 9 months could sit at 6 but only started rolling when he started crawling at about 7 months. Zora
  • My daughter didn’t started rolling till she was 7months. I was concerned but she managed to catch up and was walking at 14months Amanda

Baby rolled at 8 months

  • My 8mo old has only just got the hang of rolling. She’s been sitting for ages but wasn’t interested in rolling until the last few weeks! Simone
  • Baby rolled at 9 months
  • Mine was late with milestones. We started physio at 6 months. That’s when she started sitting. Didn’t roll till 9months. Shelley
  • My son didnt show any signs of rolling back to front till 8.5 months Sammy
  • My son didn’t roll or sit on his own till 8 – 9 months. Didn’t crawl till 10 months. But then was walking at 14 months. Don’t stress, it will happen. Just keep encouraging and play rolling her. Eventually she will do it. My son also hated tummy time, so thats why he wouldn’t roll on to his belly. Kristy-Lee

Baby rolled at 10 months

  • Both my kids were late rollers. Both rolled once or twice around 6 months then not again till they crawled which was at 91/2 and 10 months. Phillipa
  • My 10 month old had only rolled a handful of times. She’s been to the chiro twice now and is starting to roll and crawl. Erin
  • My oldest did it at 10 months, and my now 8 month old hasn’t yet. Jacinta
  • Mr 10 months has only just mastered rolling. Sara

Baby rolled at 1 year old

  • My 13 month old started rolling properly a week before her 1st birthday. She doesn’t sit or crawl or walk yet, neither did any of my other kids so I’m not concerned. Renee

Baby rolled at 13 months

  • My now 18 month old didn’t roll until 13 months…he crawled at around 9/10 months, walked at 14 months and was ok developmentally for everything else…just a late roller…but once he started he didn’t stop. Danya

Baby rolled at 15 months

  • my now 5 year old didn’t roll until well and truly after his first birthday. id say closer to 15 months? Lauren

Baby did not roll at all

  • my big boy didn’t roll. sat up at 5 months, then when he started crawling at 9 months he learnt to roll aswel so that he could get around 😉 all in their own time, don’t stress. Lisa

Tips to help baby roll

  • Bub on the floor laying down all the time not sitting up…frustration will get him rolling! Sitting is not really a milestone that is looked at- more rolling then crawling then walking etc.
  • Physio tips on encouraging tummy time

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