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Encouraging Baby to sit up

encouraging baby to sitI’m after advice on how I can encourage my 7 month old to sit up by himself. I spend a lot of time with him on the floor in between my legs but that doesn’t seem to be working as he flops to his side.

  • I was told that it is not good for bubs development to prop them up to sit.¬†They will sit when they are ready. Natasha
  • No need to encourage it they will do it when there ready, let them be babies as long as they can Amanda
  • Babies will sit when it is natural to do so. It takes a lot of skill and coordination for them to do this on their own, there needs to be good muscle development and it is actually not a comfortable position for them to be in. Jo
  • Maybe try and spread his legs in a v position and keep them straight and then put a toy in front of him just slightly beyond his reach Gaby
  • My 10mth old is still a little unbalanced sitting alone, but im not worried as will do it when ready. Is working on crawling atm and pushing himself into a sitting position. Mandy
  • I agree with others to just wait and bub will do it on their own. It is best for them to be able to develop the necessary muscles and coordination. When they manage to do it themselves they are much safer sitting and don’t need the cushions around them. My first didn’t sit up independently until 10 months. Don’t rush it Jen
  • my son is 7 months old and is just only started sitting for a few seconds by himself in between my legs and then flops to the side. Very different situation s my 1st son sat at 5months. They all do it in their own time. Dont stress they will do it eventually¬†Hailey
  • My daughter crawled before she sat every child is different Tarani
  • have you got a bumbo? You can get them at big w & are only around $30 from memory. We used it for our boy & he loved it! It helped him build his tummy muscles so that he was able to hold himself upright when sitting on the floor Amanda

What did you do to encourage your baby to sit?

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