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Leaving a wedding early because you have a baby

Leaving a wedding early because you have a babyA question on etiquette… I think it is rude to leave a wedding before the bride and groom but what about when you have a baby who probably won’t sleep in the pram and it finishes at midnight? Opinions please!

  • I personally would leave the wedding if you need to. My bub is 6 months old and i still can’t manage to do anything after 5pm! Leslie
  • I don’t think it’s rude, we had heaps if friends leave our wedding to pick up their children etc, I thought that it was perfectly acceptable. Felicity
  • I’m getting married in 4 weeks time and only have a few youngsters attending including my own. But I would hope that any of my guests who have young children (regardless of them being there or not) that need to leave earlier would do so. Our wedding finishes at 11pm on a Sunday night so I completely understand if someone has to leave early. Maybe just speak to the bride and groom before hand. Stayc
  • It depends on your friends.. I had quite a few people leave before myself and my husband, and honestly it didn’t bother me at all! I can only imagine what it’s just for those who are heavily pregnant or have very young kids Rebecca
  • I think it’s acceptable if you have a small baby. We may be going to a wedding when our bubs is a month old and we will leave when we are ready. Tamsyn
  • All I wanted at my wedding was for guests to be comfortable and happy. If they needed or wanted to leave before us, as long as they hugged us goodbye before they left we wernt worried. Molly
  • I don’t think its rude at all. Your baby is number 1:-) U could always try hold bub that might settle bub Sarah
  • Definitely not rude at all, if you need to leave then do so! I’m sure the bride and groom will appreciate that you made it at all with a young baby. Tania
  • I am sure that the Bride and Groom will completely understand and be thankful that you were able to attend for as long as you can. Don’t feel bad or worry about it. Amanda
  • We had that at our wedding and we had no problem with that. Our wee one luckily slept for hours behind the top table Katharina
  • We were almost the last ones to leave our wedding at 1am even tho we had planned on leaving around 10pm as we had a 7am flight! We were having such a good time and we felt bad leaving before anyone else. My sister left at 9pm as she had 2 little ones. They will understand and honestly probably wont even notice Ave
  • If people left my wedding before me I didn’t notice. I was too caught up in the reception. I don’t think it’s ‘rude’ under any circumstance to leave before the bride and groom. I’ve left early prior to having a baby. It’s your choice. If the couple are happy for you to take your baby to the wedding then I don’t think you’d be expected to stay till the end. Holly
  • Not rude at all!!! And if your bride and groom don understand, then that’s rude of them! I was a bridesmaid in my best friends wedding only a couple of weeks ago and her other bridesmaid had a baby, and left before bride and groom and she was in the bridal party!! Not rude at all Hun, your baby is your priority… Kayla
  • Agree that is usually the etiquette but when you have a baby you are exempt. Tennille
  • I think it’s perfectly ok to leave early if it’s what is best for bub and the bride and groom should understand, if not right away, then once they have their own baby! Veronique
  • If your pregnant or have a baby you should be excused and allowed to go home when you need too. I wouldn’t worry about it. Probably won’t notice any way it’s such a big day. Joanne
  • I had no problem with people leaving a little early, especially the ones that had little bubs. Maybe chat to the bride beforehand just so they know? Megan
  • I left my own wedding at 10pm with my 7 month old lol. Everyone had been going hard since 3pm so by 9pm it was time for taxis for a few people. We had a very relaxed wedding though. We recently went to my nephews wedding with our 20 month old and 10 day old bub and we left at 830pm. There was never any talk of us staying til the end as they knew we had kids with us and would need to go home. Emma
  • The happy couple shouldn’t expect you to stay and no doubt appreciate you being there for most of the occasion. Maybe ask them if it’s ok to leave a bit earlier. Danielle
  • leave its not your wedding and they dont have to go home with a screaming baby Crystal
  • I had 2 weddings when my bub was 4 & 8 weeks of age. We stayed until the first dance then went up to the bride & groom & excused ourselves & said goodbye they understood we had a baby & were just thankful that we came to celebrate their day Monique
  • see how the night plays out other wise leave. I’m sure they will understand. I’ve left early with my bubs & everyone was very understanding Jessica

When would you leave the wedding if you have left your baby at home? Share your experiences below.

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