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Making the decision to have only one child

?????????My husband (38) and I (33) are having mixed feelings about having a second child, our first is 2.5 and we know we do a great job with him but at times struggle. So I’m after experiences from those with 1 child, how you feel about it, what it has been like for your child etc. we just want to do what’s best for our family.

  • I have 5 children..I found it quite easy going from 2 to 3 children as my eldest was in school. The bigger shock for me was going from 3 to 4 & having a 7 year gap! They are now 16, 14, 10, 3 & 26 weeks..do what you think you can cope with but its great having so many little personalities in the house! Amanda
  • My hubby was 40 and I was 33 when we had our second! Our first was a terrible sleeper etc so I was really worried but the second baby was a breeze – she breast fed so easily! Slept through from 12 weeks! I am so happy we decided to have another – they are 21 months apart and they adore each other! Annemaree
  • Things are much easier the second time around! U know what to expect and it’s not such a guessing game when they are babies. At times everyone struggles!!!! My two are the best of friend and the worst of enemies all within 5 minutes and yes some days are hell but at the end of each day I wouldn’t have it any other way! Jenna
  • Going form 2 – 3 was much easier than 1 – 2! If you can handle 2, 3 isn’t any harder. You are used to juggling! But guess depends on the kids too. We have about 2 years between each of our kids. Kym
  • Going from 1-2 was a breeze, going from 2-3 OMG nightmare! But going from 3-4 was even harder!!!! If it’s what you want just do it! Don’t worry what others say! Amanda
  • Giving your first child a sibling is a precious gift. Watching your children together is something amazing & (God willing) they will always have each other, long after you’re gone. Stretching for a second isn’t a big ask – life with 2 is still very comfortable Gabrielle
  • I think it depends on many things………if we were 5 yrs younger we would have number 3 in a heart beat! At 41 I think 2 boys is enough even though I don’t feel I’m completely done. Mel
  • My hubby and I only have one child so far, he just turned seven.. and we are only now starting to discuss the possibility of adding number two, lol.. I came from a huge family, and I love, love, love kids, but always knew that I would only have one or two myself as I wanted that one on one time that some kids miss out on when there’s 5 or six others to run after at the same time. There’s been times where he has wanted another and I haven’t, and then times when I have and he hasn’t. The last few months is the first time we have both felt like adding another one together, lol. Don’t ever feel bad because u only have one child. We get looked at weird all the time, but is my choice to have a small brood, just like it’s others choice to have half a dozen or so, lol. And my son’s happy, smart, funny…admittedly, he gets bored sometimes not having a sibling to annoy, but has lots of friends and cousins etc to play with. And he’s the kinda kid who’s glad that he can send them home when he’s had enough, lol Cassie
  • We have 3, 6yrs, 3yrs & 4mths. It’s busy for sure. Hardest bit is lack of sleep again but it does settle. Lovely seeing two older girls making little bro laugh and entertaining him. Do what’s right for you both, only ye know. Natasha
  • I have one son (3 years 5 months) and I think at time he could use a play mate around the house. He gets frustrated when someone can’t play with him all the time. If I could have another I would Sian
  • tell your family to mind their own business. who is having the baby, raising them, nurturing them, enjoying and loving them to the bits. you and your hubby. go with your hearts and minds and forget about the knockers out there. Beth
  • I have three. Middle being a boy.. he’s going threw the worst terrible twos, he’s constantly jealous of his 1yr old brother its been like this since he was born. Teneeka
  • My 3rd dd is 6 weeks old. Her older sisters are 5 and 8 years old. Going from 2-3 has had it moments but overall it has been great!! My 6wk old is very cruise and just goes with the flow…she’s great! And the older ones absolutely love her and are a great help. It’s hard adjusting to have no/interrupted sleep again but I wouldn’t change it for anything. I knew my family was not complete and that I longed for my third and now I have her life is perfect! If its something that you and your partner want then don’t let anyone else make you doubt yourself. Go for it I say, you certainly won’t regret it. Good luck Ashlee
  • I am the youngest of 4 and mum has said that 3 was good because my older sisters played together and she was able to look after my brother. When I came along they were 5, 7 and 9 so it was easier again as they were in school. Every child and situation is different though so if you want more, I say go for it, you don’t want to look back with regrets! Ashlee

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