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Maternity leave and the new Child Care Subsidy Australia

We are seeing a lot of questions out there about what parents are entitled to from the new Child Care Package when they are on maternity leave.

Paid and Unpaid parental leave are approved activities for the Child Care Subsidy

maternity leave and the new child care subsidy

Paid and unpaid parental leave is considered to be an entitlement of your work.  You are entitled to the Child Care Subsidy while on parental/maternity leave.

How long can I continue to claim Child Care Subsidy while on parental leave?

For as long as you have a job to return to.  There is no limit to how long you can be on unpaid parental leave, however you must be returning to a job at some point as per the conditions of your employment.

How many hours work do I claim for?

Claim for the number of hours you were working immediately before starting parental leave.

Tip to maximise your hours

You can include reasonable travel time to and from your place of activity to your child care centre.

What else is considered an approved activity for the Child Care Subsidy?

  • Paid work (including leave)
  • Study and training
  • Unpaid work in a family business
  • Looking for work
  • Volunteering
  • Self-employment
  • Other activities on a case by case basis.

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