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The miracle cot mattress you need to know about

One of the biggest concerns a new parent can have is sleep safety for their newborn baby. Numu-roo is a mattress that is a game changer for parents wanting that extra reassurance that their baby is sleeping on a mattress that is breathable as well as easy to clean and rid of allergens.

When we are picking all of the important items for our baby, often we prioritise items such as the pram, car seat and the cot – but what about the mattress our baby will sleep on for the next two to three years?Numu roo baby sleeping

Numu-roo is a fantastic mattress that is completely permeable and breathable, creating a safe sleeping space for infants.

We were sent a Numu-roo mattress to trial with our “non-sleeper” baby and here’s what we loved about the Numu-roo mattress:

  • “My baby’s sleep has improved even with the hot weather!”

Because the mattress is breathable and the air flows straight through, he’s been more comfortable even on the really hot nights!

  • “It allows liquid to flow right through it.”

Rather than absorbing any of the liquids that might come into contact with the mattress (hello sweat, wee, number three poos and baby vomit) it passes through the Numu-roo.

Numu roo

  • It is easy to clean and sterilize.

‘I found it easy to clean. I threw the sheet and mattress cover in the washing machine. Dried before bubs needed his next nap. And it was really easy to reassemble.
The mattress dries really quickly because of its aerating design, so cleaning it rids it of mites and other possible allergens keeping the mattress breathable, fresh and sterile for my baby.”

  • “Firm without feeling any springs.”

But if a toddler was to jump on it, it would be strong enough to support that too.

  • It has a slim, sleek modern design.

“The first thing I noticed is it doesn’t look like other mattresses we’ve seen before, it’s really modern in the design.”

Numu roo

Numu-roo can be made in especially customised sizes to suit whichever cot you decide to put in your nursery, and your mattress can be delivered within three weeks of placing an order.

The mattress has passed the Australian standard for mattress firmness and really is like no other product in the Australian market.Numu roo baby close up


The other benefit we found when we road tested our mattress was that baby actually had a better night’s sleep. Everything about the Numu-roo ensured a comfortable night’s sleep with minimal overnight interruptions. We especially loved that during the peak of summer, overheating in the cot was reduced thanks to the smart design of the mattress.

The Numu-roo is $399 and is suitable for a cot or a toddler transition bed meaning that it is a product that will last your baby for the first few years of life, and a very worthy investment to ensure the safety of your most precious bundle during the night.

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