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Kitchen cleaning routine

Get the cleaning done fast and make more time to play with your kids (or even have some time to yourself) with these kitchen cleaning tips:

kitchen cleaning routineDaily kitchen cleaning jobs

  • Do dishes regularly.  A small wash is quick and easier than letting it pile up.
  • Keep benches clear of mess by putting things away regularly. It’s much easier to keep a clutter free space clean.
  • Wipe your sink and any wet areas down after use, make sure it is completely dry. Moisture encourages mould.
  • After using the stove top, wipe it down to avoid any food baking on and being harder to clean
  • Sweep the floors

Weekly kitchen cleaning jobs

  • Give the benches a good clean. Use one of our homemade cleaning produts
  • Wipe down cupboards
  • Wipe down fridge and oven front
  • Finish with a quick vacuum and mop of the floor

Maintenance kitchen cleaning jobs

  • When you have a spare 20 min…attack these jobs.
  • Give your fridge a good clean. Wipe down with a little vanilla essence afterwards to leave your fridge smelling fresh. Leave an open container of bicarbonate soda in the fridge to absorb any new smells.
  • Give your oven a good clean. You can use bicarbonate soda and vinegar or you can use an oven cleaner.

Always clean from cleanest to dirtiest and from top to bottom.


What are your kitchen cleaning tips?

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