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Morning Sickness: Community Tips

morning sickness(Medical disclaimer: Tips provided need to be considered in conjunction with medical advice. For immediate concerns, please contact HealthDirect (Australia wide) ph 1800 022 222 – to talk to a registered nurse 24hrs a day, and in emergencies call 000.)

Help!! I have really bad morning sickness. I constantly feel like I am going to throw up and I don’t feel like eating anything. What can I do to make myself feel better?

  • I am 7 weeks pregnant and really struggling with morning sickness. Not vomiting but just constantly feeling sick. Smells really get to me, such a struggle to cook. I have 2 little ones, not sure how I am going to make them dinner. Any tips for my nausea. THANKS
Ginger beer and fruit tingles!
  • I used 2 eat ginger.so ginger ale,gingernut bikkies,ginger bear lollies (b warned,these taste foul,so i cut thm up n swallowed thm wit water like a tablet lol)
  • anythin ginger helped me
  • maybe get ur partner 2 cook 4u?or cook wen ur not feelin sick n freeze it n thn jus defrost durin the day n reheat n dinner is done
  • u can get ginger tea too,but im not sure how tht tastes
  • I struggled with bad morning/day/night sickness till about 26weeks , ginger/ginger tea, i wore travell sick bands on both my wrists, try to eat something like dry bnikkie before you get out of bed.
  • GINGER!! And travel sickness wrist bands
  • i found snacking all the time helped as i was the same and also eating/drinking dairy despite what people would say it actually made my ms better . hope it passes quickly for you
  • With my morning sickness frozen cokes and fruit tingles!! I hate coke normally but it worked for me!
  • There are natural ginger tablets for morning sickness at chemist they helped me. I had it for 8 months. And I was put in hospital twice on drip. Good luck.
  • I had really bad morning sickness too, by 8wks i was in & out of hospital on a drip. Medication was the only thing that helped me.
  • I struggled really badly with m/s until about 26 wks, vomiting all the time struggling to keep everything down, couldnt handle some smells, etc. I tried almost everything and nothing worked for me, I was just a lost cause! But I did find on the good days that fresh air would help alot and I was advised to give Vicks a go, placing it under my nose when the smells get to me so maybe that might help u? Good luck I hope it eases up soon
  • I have hyperemesis I found night times to be the worse and only recently have I been able to eat dinner but I would put something in the slow cooker in the morning ( the sachets in supermarket are great) That way hubby and DS could eat it for dinner
  • Also studies have shown that if you are to have severe morning sickness best to take the medication earlier to stop the cycle so if you do start throwing up go to the doc straight away
  • peppermint tea & toast worked for me
  • Oh & just remembered ice cubes!!! They really hit the spot
  • anything ginger.. ginger beer, ginger biscuits ect. 
I too had hyperemesis for the first 5 months, bad and had to take a nausea pill 20 mins before i ate or drank anything, but it didnt stop the sick feeling, it just helped me keep fluids down and food, it did help moving around a little bit also , but still felt really ill. i hope it gets better for you soon.xx
  • Blackmores morning sickness tablets
  • I was actually more sick with ginger or peppermint tea etc, i ended up eating salt and vinegar chips (sickness went straight away!) I was also eating chilli and Thai curries.. I don’t know why, but those things helped me! Just a suggestion.. Hopefully the sickness will be over for you soon
  • I swear nothing works for morning sickness. Im currently 8 weeks and its really hit me the past few days. I cant cook, the only thing i can eat is icy poles. Hope it passes quickly for you and i
  • I also heard what ever you are craving eat it and your sickness will go at least for a day
  • for morning sickness, i ate ginger nut bikkies with dd, then when dd number 2 came around, i couldn’t stand ginger so i just drank a milky tea when i was getting quesy
  • I am currently taking maxalon to help and it has helped. Icy poles help me too. Fruit tingles sound good though!
  • My friend wore those sea sickness band on her wrists all thourgh her pregnancy and with in two days itstopped
  • I’d eat a couple/few savoy biscuits before getting out of bed , lay there a but before moving & put travel bands on.. Sip on water.. Nibble thru the day. Frozen maccas coke & chips hit the spot some days! Ginger nut biscuits … Lollies for nrg!… Good luck, u shud start to feel better soon :
  • best advice I was given was to have something to eat before you get up in the morning (my hubby brought me a small bowl of crunchy nut cereal every morning) and that helped a lot. But I was like you – I felt like I was constantly going to throw up for 8 weeks straight (although I, thankfully, never did). Lying down as much as possible helped too, although once there are other kids that gets increasingly harder to do!
  • eat like a rice cake before you get up, take ALL wheat products out of your diet – wheat bloats and causes digestive issues during pregnancy also pelvic oeodma leading to congested pelvis tissues longer labours so go for rice cakes, oats, quinoa, rice pastas etc, homeopathic remedies also work but you will need see a good homeopath…also vitamin B6 which you will need a script from your GP its all natural, smll meals frequently and room temp water sip dont gulp as again aggrevates digestive system.

Did you suffer with morning sickness? What worked for you?

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