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Multiple C-Sections

Happy mother with newborn babyHow many c-sections have you had and did you make the decision in conjunction with your doctor and when did you make the decision to have your tubes tied

  • I’ve healed nicely after my 4 c sections no issues at all. So you will know when your body has had enough.   I’ve had 4 c sections and aiming to have my 5th and final one eventually doctor told me to stop after 3 glad I didn’t listen otherwise I wouldn’t have had my beautiful little girl.    Emma
  •  I’ve had 3 c section and tubes tied on baby #3. Yes I get clucky here and there but a few days later im grateful I had them tied.    Lisa
  •  Going for my second c section after an emergency first c section…. I really want to get my tubes tied but doctor said they might not let me because at 30 I’m too young…. Was not impressed at this opinion and I’m going to fight it when I go in…  Jenny
  •  About to have my 4th section and Will NOT be getting my tubes tied regardless of what my dr says. I’m not planning anymore but it’s too final for me at only 28 I don’t feel ready to go that permanent yet. I was advised at my 3rd section to have my tubes tied for no other reason other than it was my third section and turned out I healed nicely after all 3.     Tiffany
  •  I have had two. My first was emergency my second was elective and i came to the decision myself but my ob agreed it was the best option. If i have a 3rd baby i will get my tubes ties during the c section.    Nikki
  •  About to have my 4th c-section. First was emergency than chose/ choosing to have c-sections with the next 3 pregnancies. My decision to have c-sections because I will have had 4 in 3.5 years. My doctor agreed with me. Getting my tubes tied with this c-section.    Melissa
  •  I have had 3, on the third my doc wanted to tie my tubes but i didn’t want to. He will want to next time but I’m scared I’ll want another baby!    Kristin
  •  I’ve had 3 1st emergencey 2&3rd elective, tubes tied on 3rd!!    Rebecca
  •  I’ve had two so far and will have my third in March. My first baby was sideways and my obs doesn’t attempt to turn babies so I had a cesarean. My second baby I was hoping to have naturally but apparently a have a smaller than normal pelvis so he said the better option was another cesarean. I guess there’s a no brainer to the third and I’ve decided to have my tubes tied when this baby comes along due to my age and not wanting more babies. Easy!    Michelle
  •  Just had second C-section. Had first emergency and then this one was planned but ended up having emergency ceasar a few days before. Never thought about tying my tubes but if a miracle 3rd bubba comes along will definitely be doing that for sure.    Claire
  •  5 Caesars First was emergency second wasn’t given a choice third breech baby fourth no choice fifth no choice and tubes tied/cut at the same time.    Raechal
  •  Due to risk of uterine rupture from previous surgery to uterine wall I am about to have my 3rd Caesar and am extremely worried about how it will go especially in public hospital. Last one took hours yes seriously, went in at 1:30 was done at 4:45 as was a “teaching hospital”. Was awful and had terrible side effect from being “open” for so long. If anyone ever says to be that that is the easy way I think I will punch them in the face ; ). Think I have been through enough and think husband should get the snip. Could definitely never go through this again.   Mardi
  •  I have had 1 & will be having another in a couple of months an have not even thought about having my tube tied.   Chloe
  •  I’ve had 3 c-sections, docs have advised me no more, I was high rick with my 3rd because 2 & 3 are close in age, I was at risk of bleed out in my pregnancy, the day I went in for my c-section I bled out in surgery so they advised no more…….I had the option to have tubes tied but I’m only 28 and hubby is having the snip.    Tara
  •  Just had baby number 8 and had my 2nd C-section and had my tubes tied. Decided that 8 was enough before the pregnancy and decided if I had a C-section I would get my tubes tied then and there.    Rebecca
  •  3 c-sections first was 8 years ago because she was breech second was 20mths later and we lived remote so didn’t have the resources to try a vbac then third 1 year ago we did discuss vbac but risks were to high we decided to tie tubes then as our third was 6 years after our youngest. In hindsight I should have waited 12 mths then tied tubes as we feel we could have had one more.    Lana
  •  I had 1 emergency c section and 3 planned due to health problems. I have my tubes tied at the same time as being ceasered with my 4th. A decision made by me due to pregnancy problems with my 3 youngest. The dr agreed with my decision 100%.    Lauren
  •  I had 3, first of them was an emergency. I decided to tie my tubes after having 7 children.  Spring
  •  C-section wanted to have a 5th but made decision with doctors too that it was to risky as had previous thinned scars. Had tubes tied with 4th and last baby.    Alysha
  •  3 c-section, was recommended to get tubes tied on the third, but a different doctor said I could have 1 more if I wanted to and it depends on the uterus lining…got the doctor to “look ” inside while he did the C-section and after he said I looked good and definitely have one more but thats it..    Natalia
  •  First ’emergency” section (breech), vbac, elective section (complications with vbac.) Had to fight the dr I was seeing at the start of my 3rd pregnancy for a section. I wanted my tubes tied after my 2nd but they refused as I was only 28. I’m so glad now I didn’t fight for it. I had thought about getting it done with 3rd but decided not to, and I really want bub no. 4 which will be another section IF we decide on a 4th.    Racheal
  •  I’ve had 2 c-sections in 2 consecutive years. I had major health issues with both and was advised by my renal specialist not to get pregnant again, so sadly I had my tubes tied with the second c-section. If my health was perfect I would have had another.    Julie
  •  I’ve had 3 c/s and my Ob was happy for me to have another as long as I understood the risks involved (mostly pregnancy complications). He has done 6 on one lady, and he was happy as long as there were no complications with the pregnancy/surgery for me to continue having babies. I/we are hoping for a fourth, but my body needed a break after having 3 c/s in less than 3.5 years. If we are blessed with a 4th baby, I’m not sure I would be having my tubes tied there and then unless there were complications woth either pregnancy or the surgery. I’d like to keep my options open….. My sister had her tubes tied with her 4th c/s, but she had lots of issues with her last pregnancy and early labour.    Belinda
  •  1 just had my 2nd csect and had my tube tied (only had one after losing one with an ectopic pregnancy last July) it was my decision for both dr left the choice up to me.    Kellie
  •  1 emergency and 2 elective (although I didn’t really get much choice) I wanted to get my tubes done but because I am only 24 I thought they would not do it. However because I have had a lot of pregnancy related complications the doctor bought tubal ligation up with me when we booked my last c-section. I said yes before she had even finished the question which really surprised her! She was trying to be delicate so she wouldn’t upset me, lol.     Jasmine
  •  I had an emergency cesarean with mu 3rd & I am booked in dec to have my 4th bubs & my tubes done. This cesarean was the dr decision as I have really rare blood type & if I go into natural labor there won’t be any blood for me. My hubby & I decided on getting my tubes tied & he is also getting the snip as this pregnancy has taken its toll on me & I know I can’t do it again to my body.    Beck
  •  Ive had 3 c sections (first 2 were 14mths apart and then 3 years between 2nd and 3rd) and i had complications with my 3rd pregnancy (gestational diabetes and preeclampsia due to my weight) since having my 3 i have lost 30kg and plan on having another baby which will be another C-section ..Hopefully a girl this time lol    Brodie
  •  I had 2, one emergency and the other elective. Big babies, unfavorable 1st induction. Yes, decisions made with advice by doctors. Have not had tubes tied, not sure that I will.    Lisa
  •  2c-sections at 21 had my tubes tired during my second C as I didn’t want to have to go through it again! wanted them both natural, first was because his head was coming out sideways so almost ear first, second found out that my pelvis just wasn’t big enough! so both emergency c-sections.    Kimmie- Jayne
  •  I had 3 and was advised to get tubes tied. Regret the decision as have had heaps of medical issues since.    Kimberly
  •  Two babies and 2 c-sections. I planned all through second pregnancy to have tubes tied but the office ladies talked me out of it. I wish I would’ve gone through with it though. At the time it was the right decision because I was indecisive. I’ve chosen to have marina for five years and at that time I will either get it again or send hubby in for the snip!     Suzy
  •  I’ve had 3 c sections and will be having my 4th in a few months … No problems what so ever with me.    Emily
  •  4 c sections and tubes tied during last one. All decisions were made with doc.    Tania
  •  I’ve had 4, all quite close I have 7.5 year old 6 year old 5 year old and 2.5 year old decided with dr advice thinking about tying tubes but unsure.    Erin
  •  4 caesars & tubes cut.    Barbara
  •  I’ve had 4 Caesars and had my tubes tied last time. The decision was made because I was 42 at the time and an insulin dependent diabetic – It was my 6th pregnancy and although my uterus was in fantastic condition, we decided to do it for my health. Sadly it was time I would have happily had more children.    Ky
  •  3 babies. First natural, 2nd emergency c-sect, 3rd elective my choice after how traumatic 2nd birth was. Pregnant with 4th and will be elective c-sect, I had already decided this but they said no other option anyway. Was asked if wanted to have tubes tied this time but even though we’re planning this to be our last I couldn’t bring myself to have tubes tied at 25….    Jacalyn
  •  I have had 4 c sections. My scars and uterus have healed nicely so I’m able to have a 5th if I wish. But wouldn’t risk any more after that.    Shannon
  •  I’ve had 3…emergency, scheduled, and emergency. Tubes done during last one due to my age & risk.    Michelle
  •  I’ve has 3 Caesars, 2 being emergencies. A doctor recommended a tubal ligation since I thought three was enough, but I decided against it. In case I change my mind.    Lilli

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