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Do your Multiples share a room? Cot?

Twins-in-cotDo your Multiples share a cot? and or bedroom? What works for you?

  • My trio were seperate in hospital for 3mths so we carried that on when they can home. 3 seperate cots but same room. It works well! Cary
  • Boy/girl twins shared a cot for the first month or so then seperate cot’s but same room. KerryAnne
  • My ID twin girls shared a cot for about 7-8 months then they were disturbing each other too much but share a room now at 13 months. Still occasionally wake each other up though! Couldn’t be more different! Susanna
  • My twins sleep together in one cot they cuddle up to each other at night and play with each other when they wake up. Catherine
  • I have G/.B twins and we attempted the same cot but they just didn’t like it as they had been in Sep cots for 8 weeks in hosp. So they went straight into their own cots. My son was in his own room from about 5 mths while my daughter was in with us until nearly 2 due to health issues. Being B/G they have never shared a room, but even now at 12 it is not unheard of for them to watch a movie in one of their rooms and they both fall asleep on the bed lol. Meredith
  • My 18mo twin boys have never shared a cot, but have always shared a room Bree
  • My boys shared a cot until 2 weeks ago (5 months). They were just too long and head butting each other and disrupting each other’s sleep. We’ve had no problems separating them into their own cots, but in the same room. Lisa
  • My friend has identical twin girls, they were separate in hospital, but found it easier to sleep them together in one cot. Once they started moving more, we took the set side off the 2 cots and bolted them together to make on big cot. They’re almost 1, they still sleep in the same cot and now have their own room. Their 2.5yo sister sleeps in her own room in a double bed so she doesn’t fall out and the twins will be the same but a queen size bed. If I were to ever have twins, I’d try the method also. It worked for the parents and me as I was a live in helper for the mother and kids while hubby worked. Larsie
  • My almost 6yo twin boys share a bedroom. They never shared a cot. They were separated in SCN and then tbh we never thought to try it. We had to separate them at 6mo as they were waking each other multiple times a night and no one was getting any sleep. They had desperate rooms until they moved into big beds at 2.5yo and love sharing a room now (luckily as they have no choice at the moment – out next house will have an extra bedroom so they can have their own rooms down the track if they wish). Nicole
  • My 14 month girl twins have never shared a bed but share a room with there 3 yo sister too from 8 months. before that they wete in our room. They all self settle Jade
  • My b/g twins shared a bassinet for the first 3 to 4 weeks in our room then went to there own room in seperate cots. Although took a couple of days to get them use to there room but have had no problems Kristy Lea
  • My girls only shared a bed in hospital, when we brought them home they went into their own bassinets and then at about three months of age went into their own cots, they have always shared a room though. Jodi
  • My girls shared a cot until 8 weeks. Now they share a room with a cot each. They are 12 months and won’t sleep unless the other is in the room also. Stacey
  • My twin girls shared a cot until they were two months and they share a room still at three. Essy
  • I have identical twin girls & when they were first born, they shared a cot. As they got bigger, they went into separate cots, in the same room. They’re now 16 months old, in cots still & also in the same room. Works for us ! Brooke
  • I had my twins sharing a cot until they were 2 months old then separated them in the same room, they still share but it did make the transition into toddler beds a fun time. Tamika
  • Shared a cot when newborns for about 8 weeks. Then separated as one had bad reflux. Have had their own rooms for most of their 2 yrs. Sleep beautifully because of it. Anon
  • My twins are 2 now and when they were new born they shared a cot then when they outgrew it they shared a room. Now they have there own rooms as they are boy girl Lisa

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