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Nappy Rash Remedies

What are your tried and tested nappy rash remedies? Which is the best nappy rash cream? 

Midwife nappy rash tips here

nappy rash remedies

  • Dry the bottom after cleaning and before putting on a new nappy. Bacteria breed in moisture so if you keep the bottom as dry as possible it will help prevent nappy rash. Isabelle
  • Bepanthen is without a doubt the best nappy rash cream! Clears my little man’s rash within 2 days if its a really bad one!  Bree
  • Corn flour is fabulous for clearing up nappy rash. Riannan
  •  Sudocrem and curash powder together.  Donna
  •  Nappy goo! Made by the RCH xx  Cassie
  •  Bepanthen all the way. Rebecca
  •  I swear by Sudocrem for my son. No joke I can put the cream on one nappy and be just about clear next change!! Best stuff ever!! And I sometimes use pintarsol in the bath!  Sarah
  •  As soon as we stopped using wipes and use wet face washers the rash disappeared that and pawpaw for a barrier.  Megan
  •  Cure rash nappy cream clears nappy rash within 12 hrs doesnt sting bubs skin and no horrible smell.  Jessica
  •  Sudocrem or neutrametics nutra-rich. Jess
  • My first son never had nappy rash but my second got it no matter how much I changed his nappy as he pooed sooo much!! Paw paw was ok but nothing worked like Sudocrem when slathered on thickly. Spoke to my doc & he said its the zinc that works the miracles. As he’s grown a bit the pooing has stopped so he’s rash free again  Stephanie
  • After trying Sudocrem and Bepanthen when my baby had red raw nappy rash I was told to use ‘Nappy Mate’! You get it from the chemist and is THE BEST! You notice an improvement at each nappy change! I now swear by it! Our Children’s Hospital in Perth use it too!  Lynette
  •  Desitin has extremely high Zinc content so sticks to their bottoms really well.  Caz
  •  I only used Bepanthen on my 4 when I didn’t use Huggies nappies cos when I used other brand nappies was the only time my kids got nappy rash!  Nicole
  •  Pawpaw cream is a fabulous cream for nappy rash.  Miriam
  •  Our local pharmacist made his own. It is far better than anything else ever made.  Samantha
  •  Moo goo nappy balm, health food shop.  Nicole
  •  Egg whites, believe it or not! I used it for my son and loved it as its a natural product and healed any rashes quickly by creating a second skin (does wonders for bad cases for Gastro bug and acidic / hard-to-heal rashes). Just separate a few eggs and store in the fridge! You won’t regret it!!!  Chrissy
  •  100% Raw virgin Coconut oil – anti fungal and anti bacterial and all natural, no chemicals or any nasties.  Jacinta
  •  I use curash powder every nappy change we have never had a problem.  Melissa
  •  Always used  Sudocrem and ds never had nappy rash.  Kerianne
  •  Sudocrem / zinc cream, nappy and cream free time, breast milk, prevention is better lol  Christie
  •  Daktozin, awesome anti fungal nappy rash cream, works within 24 hours.  Katherine
  •  You can get the chemist to make u up caster oil and zinc best thing ever my bub has never had nappy rash since i got.  Kara
  • DAKTOZIN for bad nappy rash. Its brilliant stuff. A broad spectrum antifungal in a zinc oxide (sudocream) base. for mild nappy rash, sudocream or moogoo nappy balm. And plenty of nappy free time.  Tamara
  •  I use to use corn flour when my kids had bad nappy rash u will be suprised it does actually work. Celeste
  •  Calmoseptine – absolute magic!! you’ll have to use a disposable if you use cloth as it will stain your nappies.  Rachel
  •  Paw Paw ointment and Curash powder! Awesome!!  Erin
  •  A swim in the ocean worked wonders for my little boy yesterday after some terrible teething poos!  Kristy-Lee
  • Use muslin cloth as your own wipes that have been soaked in cooled chamomile tea.  Kirsty
  •  Sudocrem and a little bit of sun on their bum and fresh air if possible. My little man has only had it once and it worked.  Nicole
  •  Long stints of no nappies( when possible). And bepanthin cream.  Megan
  •  I’m gonna be boring and say sudocream! Worked very well for my 2 dd’s!  Natalie
  •  Curash powder was a winner for me.  Rebecca
  •  Cornflour.  Megan
  •  My mum and step dad swear by half vasoline and half vicks… I’m not a fan of it but I will admit less then 24hours and the rash is gone 48hours tops for a bad rash.  Tomika
  •  Castor and zinc with borax chemist makes it up stinks but works good.  Tracey-lee
  •  Canestan cream – advised by hospital and doctor – anti fungal. Kristy
  •  Can never go wrong with paw paw cream.  Rachel
  •  We use paw paw – works a treat!  Mell
  •  Sudocrem and powder 2 ezy.  Kirsten
  •  Paw paw ointment ftw!!!!!!!  Lousia
  •  Theres a serbian cream called ‘pavlovic mast’ works wonders! Not just nappy rash but burns, grazes. Weirdly enough i bought it at a wog butcher/deli lol.  Kristina
  •  Lucas paw paw.ointment .never used powder or creams, never needed them! i do believe good wipes and certain nappies help a lot also x   Cassie
  •  Lucas Paw Paw Ointment here.  Belinda
  •  Fresh air and sun light . . Mixed with a good helping of Sudocrem at each change.  Krystal
  •  An extremely thick coat of Sudocrem and nappy changes every hour usually do the trick for my dd.  Rebecca
  •  I use wipes without chemicals, cloth with water or one of the natural ones available and Sudocrem or something natural like coconut oil and cornflour works really well. Bepanthen made my bubs bum so much worse and it smells awful.  Kay
  •  Yep definately Sudocrem lay it on thick and nappy free time. i find nappy rash can be avoided with nappy free time several times a day withthose who are prone to getting it and frequent nappy changes yes you do go through more nappie but keeping their little bottoms dry is the main thing to avoid nappy rash hopefully!  Melissa
  •  Calmoseptine cream. It comes in a white tube. I get it from chemist warehouse, its not in the baby section but my doc says its safe for babies.it works really fast!!!   Lisa
  •  Corn flour, we used it and work and I’ve used it when both my girls had nappy rash.  Jacinta
  •  Powder with cornstarch in it.  Mikalya
  •  Condis crystals.  Simone
  •  Moo goo nappy balm works great anything.  Tennielle
  •  Nappy-mate paste is great.  Gemma
  •  Sudocrem.  Jodie
  •  Nappy Goo.  Angela
  •  Lucas paw paw.  Emma
  •  Lots!! of nappy free time, followed by bepanthenen (sp).  Camilla
  •  That grey tub think its sudo something.  Sharalea
  •  My son has never had nappy rash. To me it’s all about prevention! If he does a poo I change it immediately, I change his nappy before every sleep & regularly through out the day. I only apply cream if it looks a bit red after a poo. We have only just finished his trial size nappy cream. We only bathe him in natural organic products. Also I only dress him in cotton or bamboo. He is a breast fed 16 month old.  Rebecca
  •  Raw egg white wiped on then a little corn flour. Works every time when nothing else did.  Rosemary
  •  Also no fragrance in wipes & we wash his clothes in Earth brand wash.  Rebecca
  •  CALMOSEPTINE is the most amazing nappy rash cream works so quickly (was given to me by the hospital when bub had roter virus ( not sure of the spelling) AMAZING).  Lauren
  •  I use Sudocrem usually but my dd had a few bad cases with open sores. I bathed in dermaveen oatmeal wash which is amazing and then paw paw cream. Once the sores healed I could use sudo again.  Angela
  •  Coconut oil.  Hollie
  •  “Bod for bubs” cowboys and itchybums if we get a little red bottom we putter that on its all natural and a good barrier too. goes from raw to comfy in an hour no exaggeration.  Nadine
  •  Nitri rich oil by nutrimetics.  Ashley
  •  Lucas paw paw fixed my sons red raw to the point of a layer of skin was missing nappy rash in a day.  Nic
  •  Arbonne Herbal Nappy Rash Creme! It’s botanical and great for babies with sensitive skin, dermatitis, psoriasis or eczema. It’s Swiss formulated and highly concentrated so it lasts!
  •  Corn flour never fails.  Bec
  •  8 kids in 27 years and done family daycare corn flour.  Josie
  •  Nurses in hospital put cold tea on my twins nappy rash and that cleared it up within 24 hours ( it was bleeding too) they haven’t had a nappy rash since leaving the hospital when they were 2 weeks old.  Holli
  • My first never suffered from nappy rash but 2nd had awful nappy rash when she was days old, Hosp gave me sudocream which didn’t work, chn advised me to take her to the docs, he told me to get bepanthan, cleared it up so quickly!! I use sudocream if it’s a bit red & more as a preventative but bepanthan if it’s bad!  Caroline
  •  Sudocream or Curash which is similar trick is to put it on thick every nappy change n it stops the wee n poo sitting on the skin.  Jasmine
  •  Breast milk. sudocrem, applied thinly.  Alice
  •  Calendulum ointment (thick sticky stuff consistency like lip balm). sorry about the spelling, it is probably wrong. Some chemists stock it, it is all natural (and so when my doctor suggested it I was dubious – he always gives me alternative medicine ideas…) and it is miracle stuff.  Rebecca
  •  Use sorbolene cream and tissues to clean bubs bottom (dont use wipes as they just aggrivate the rash – even the sensitive wipes) and sudocream on the rash until it disappears. I only use sorbolean on my daughters bum to clean and sudocream at night as thats the longest shes in a nappy and never have any rash.  Abbey

What do you use when your kids have nappy rash?

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