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Severe Nappy Rash

(Medical disclaimer:ย Tips provided need to be considered in conjunction with medical advice.ย For immediate concerns, please contact HealthDirect (Australia wide) ph 1800 022 222 – to talk to a registered nurse 24hrs a day, and in emergencies call 000.)

** Midwife nappy rash tips here

Does anyone have some tips for a really bad nappy rash that seems to come and go but when it comes out rather nasty (red all over, with red dots and can be nasty looking in some spots)

  • Oats bath, and perhaps no nappy and let it dry, DD is the same and I just realised tonight talking to my mum shes had no nappy free time. Curash usually works for us but as of tomorrow I will be leavin it off for a bit to aid it along.
  • Try to let it air as much as possible, its ment to help,
  • Go check its not a bacterial infection – my son got staph from a tiny little cut which broke out like nappy rash and then spread. ย So needed strong antibiotics and cream for it and is highly contagious
  • Lucas Paw Paw cream, its brilliant
  • Corn flour… sounds silly but it works ๐Ÿ™‚
  • I swear by ‘nappy mate’ – sooo much better than sudacreme!
  • Lucas paw paw ointment is wonderful smear it on after every nappy change provides a barrier and helps clean its totally natural u can use it on everything from nappy rash to cracked lips burns cuts it’s amazing!!! I highly recommend getting some! ๐Ÿ™‚ x
  • Dactozin or nappy paste works a treat
  • Have you tried an anti fungal cream? sometimes the spots suggest that she might have a little bit of thrush…. ??
  • Papaw ointment is really good
  • Try canestan, has your child been on antibiotics recently?? My lil boy had the exact same and my boys child’s youth nurse said spots can indicate thrush. If my son gets bad nappy rash without the spots, as soon as he does one wee or poo, I changed nappies straight away and put a bit of cream on him, sudocream worked best..
  • Maybe try using cloth nappy’s. A GP should be able to give you something to clear it up.
  • Pure cornstarch, moo goo, cloth nappies and no nappy time
  • Try parnarten..
  • Hydrozole cream with a thick barrier.the Hydrozole kills the germs & the barrier helps keep the wee off!!!ive used that on all 3 of mine & it’s been my saviour!!!
  • Check your baby wipes are fragrance free and alcohol free, plain water and pat dry works best, change more frequently and have lots of air time with no nappy, thin layer of pawpaw ointment works a treat. Usually if its bacterial you may notice a fever or yellow ooze/yellow pus (not always though)
  • I’ve heard paw paw ointments have petroleum in it. Moo goo is meant to work a treat.
  • Gaia skin soothing lotion, always clears my dd’s up straight away
  • Nilstat cleared my lil girls rash in just over a day. best tip ever given by the best woman i know, my ex bf mum.
  • I have used paw paw ointment for all 4 or my kids (now 5,3 & 7months -twins) i also put powder over top. I aslo find that at times what your child eats can be cause of nappy rash. For my 2 eldest it was pumpkin & sometimes orange (was the same for my cousins son). So i took those out of there diet & introduce them again once the rash had been gone for a while but only giving small portions. Goodluck
  • DAKTOZIN DAKTOZIN DAKTOZIN!!! my girl just had a nasty rash too was given perscription creme from the dctr my gf told me daktozin started clearing up a few hours after i used it! swear by it!
  • If those things havnt helped i would see a doc she may have thrush or something
  • Was awful and inflammed and came out almost overnight but disappeared just as fast using nilstat, it is a thrush cream but hey
  • Canestan if it bacterial, no powder lots of sudocream and nappy off time is what dr told me good luck
  • Your thinking of Petroleum Jelly aka Vaseline, it is completely safe. the term Petroleum Jelly comes from how it was first discovered. they would not put petrol in medicinal creams.
  • My daughter is prone to UTIs. her rashes would be fierce and unable to go away with any cream i tried (even prescription cream). i would check her urine. Elissa is 2 and has been getting them since 18mo or so. For that she’d need antibiotic also ๐Ÿ™‚
  • The body shop- hemp face cream
  • Sounds bacterial … Head to see pead or gp
  • Pintarsol!!!!!! I swear by it!! Just had the same problem on Tuesday with my 8mo DD, her little bum was red raw & looked like a burn, one 10 minute soak in pintarsol & sudocream in her nappy & 2 days later – completely gone!!! Our parents used to use it for us kids & it still works to this day! Available at chemists, I bought a large bottle for $16 and will last a long long time…
  • I was goin to say an anti fungal cream too, dactozin! I used it on my son and it was awesome, although my friends lil girl had it real bad and needed a prescription from the doc as well as the dactozin. Good luck, poor darlin, I hate nappy rash! Oh hav u tried a different brand of nappies or cloth to c if it stops? Just a thought ๐Ÿ™‚
  • Corn flour hun my mum used it for me her mum used for her etc people say it old wife tale but it wokes
  • My little had it last week, tried all creams but nothing worked so I took her to the doc and he said hydrozole which is available over the counter and cleared it up really quick!
  • daktozin
  • The spots indicate thrush, use DAKTOZIN and barrier cream CALMOSEPTINE (keeps urine and faeces off the affected area) its a thick pink cream that’s starts clearing up rash within hours of applying it and . ๐Ÿ™‚
  • We’ve just been told to use hydrozol and zinc/castor oil or sudocream ๐Ÿ™‚
  • Nappy goo!
  • My ds had the same i found it was the quality of some nappies ie baby love and mamie my dr prescribed hydrozole overthe counter antiflamatory cream with 1 percent cortisone its fragrance free for sensitive skin workd a treat rash was gone in 3days now i use huggies much beta result
  • Put 2 Rooibos Tea bags ( from the Tea section in super market) in the bath water by themselves, stop using any bubbles and things if you do ๐Ÿ™‚ like johnsons as these dry out the skin and make it worse ๐Ÿ™‚ see your doctor for sure
  • We use fresh aloe Vera when our kids get nappy rash! Always clears it up
  • I would get it checked.. Is it angry and spreading? Could be thrush.. But it sounds like the acid from her teething isn’t helping.. If its thrush doc will give you a cream.. If its not then yes a barrier cream will help.. I found the best for my lil ones was a simple zinc and castor oil cream( its in a white and blue tub, in bed so can’t see label.. Lol). And corn flour is great for all rashes, even around chin and neck as well. I put corn flour in a use and toss sippy cup from supermarket and keep it in nursery. Keep bubs bottom dry..
  • My dd has a terrible rash at the moment… I bath her with bicarb soda, it reduces the redness, followed by airing out & cornflour before her nappy goes on.. clears it up within the day…
  • Get GP to check it but if what they suggest doesn’t clear it up try some aloe vera gel straight from the plant
  • Lucas’ pawpaw ointment does have petroleum jelly in it and it is a by product of petroleum. Sometimes it’s called mineral oil or paraffin. It can thin the skin so I wouldn’t use it on children (or me!) try the Brauer one, it’s chemical free and smells deelish!
  • Definitely corn flour as some of the other ladies have suggested, nothing else worked for my daughter but corn flour cleared it up overnight.
  • My daughter went through the same thing. I stopped feeding her anything acidic (oranges, tomatoe etc), and went through 4 different creams. In the end tried one called resolve, and it worked a treat. I found it in a chemist, and it’s not over counter, it was just in the baby section.
  • We use curash to take our little ones away than we’ve been using it ever since and he’s never got another nappy rash the sudocream is also really good
  • Have you looked at dietry factors? Could be an allergy or intolerance that is causing it Charli
  • Use corn flour at ever change. Stacey
  • I haven’t read the comments so sorry if I repeat… Cornflour works a treat. Also my son was never that bad but when he got his molars he would have a really bad rash and I found anything acidic he ate would cause a lot of trouble, like tomato, citrus etc. Hope you find something that works Mel
  • Canastin cream then cover with corn flour Mandy
  • Not sure what you are sing to wipe him atm. but while he’s so sore I find using just a wet cloth instead of wipes worked well for us. The wipes kept aggravating it I know it doesn’t really answer your question but I thought it may help Lauren
  • Egg whites… Acts as a second skin so any acidic poos/wees don’t sting and helps heal the broken skin…. You’ll never buy chemist products again!!! Chrissy
  • vasaline really thick i mean like a few mil thick every few hours it will water proof baby’s bum and stop the acid from burning his bum. cleared my son in 24hrs and he was bleeding Ellen
  • Have you tried Cornflower? Michelle
  • have you tried hydrozole? It worked wonders on my ds Jodie
  • Sudocrem is great for nappy rash. Also incase you’re using mcn’s … disposable nappies are better to prevent nappy rash as they keep bub drier. It’s not eczema? Kellie
  • Have you tried pawpaw ointment? Emma
  • also go to a skin doctor and get it checked out it might not be just nappy rash Kim
  • I used just normal slap on the nose zinc cream in a tube from Big W. It works wonders and doesn’t have the greasy additives. It cleared up even the worst nappy rash my kids had nearly overnight. Eve
  • I put plain corn flour or curash nappy rash powder on the rash then non medicated rash cream curash or bepanthan on top. the powder helps the cream stick. It cleared my sons severe nappy rash inside 24 hours. Sharon
  • What worked for my girl was strong cold tea applied with s cotton ball. Natural and did the trick. Lisa
  • corn flour was the only thing that worked for one of my bubbas Natasha
  • Have you tried changing nappy brands?? If using disposables have you considered changing to cloth? Or vice versa? My niece used to get shocking nappy rash from Huggies nappies but was fine with other brands Kristie
  • that happened to both my kids with silent reflux from dairy.. only cutting dairy stopped it but daktozin nappy cream anti fungal made a difference to my son overnight, just couldnt stop it retriggering. chemist had a look and recommended it, if u cant make it stay away once u find something that works, seek a pediatrician referal. Carlene
  • My MHN suggested Canistane. I mix with zinc cream + vaseline. Clears up in a day or 2 Allison
  • Calmoseptine – you get it from the chemist! Will clear it up very quickly Jeanette
  • Don’t use wipes – just very soft wash cloths or preferable micro fleece ones with warm water. They make it more painful and the astringent in them irritates broken skin. Emily
  • try plain Greek yoghurt. Sounds gross but very effective. I have used it on dd when she had a terrible nappy rash. Katrina
  • Sudocream with vasaline over top used to work well when my son got like that. He had a reaction to every disposable nappy except buggies which would make him get nappy rash so badly within a couple of hours that he’d bleed. Nikki
  • Hydrocortisone cream, combined with canesten worked for us when it got to bleeding stage on my sensitive skinned girl (and lots of fresh air). We used cloth too, and later discoved paw paw cream which is great to help keep under control Tanya
  • My daughter had the same problem and I was told to bath her only in bicarbonate soda and warm water. Also a little of the steroid cream I am sorry I forget what it’s called but it was in a green tube and it started with c. If I was home I would check the cupboard. We couldn’t use anything else as it would flair up. Nicole
  • Maybe try cloth nappies for a few days?? Shannon
  • We found sudocream worked best, lots of it. Alicia
  • Have you been to a naturopath? I got some great cream that our local naturopath made up Cara
  • coconut oil or chickweed cream from healthfood shop Darlene
  • corn flour I live by it!! Emma
  • Sigmacort cream 1%, it is used for eczema but is quite effective on severe nappy rash too and ok to use on broken skin (unlike other creams) Hayley
  • my daughter had really bad nappy rash where it would actually bleed… Poor bubba, we were then prescribed Hydrozole, it seriously was a god send! Worked wonders on her little booty! Melissah
  • Try cloth nappies and only use cloths and water to wipe my dd reacted to disposable the one time we put her in them Mandee
  • Have u tried Daktozin cream? and every time u wipe his bum just warm water and a flannel? gd luck Peta
  • Yes it could be the wipes, especially scented ones can cause an issue. Use water and flannel and if you haven’t tried sudocreme and cornstarch talc try that. Failing that a steroidal cream from the dr used sparingly. Good luck and hope it clears quickly. Narelle
  • When my baby was newborn she had really bad nappy rash to the stage where her poor bottom was raw, anyway our paediatrician recommended calmoseptine ointment. This was great and worked quicker than anything. Tammy
  • Nappy goo from the royal children’s hospital. Rebecca
  • sounds fungal get onto a steroid n antifungal cream Amy
  • when my son gets a bad rash to the point of bleeding i use sudo (zinc based) then pawpaw as a barrier over top Fiona
  • Try egg white on the nappy rash and lots of nappy free time Rebecca
  • curash nappy cream and johnsons cornstarch also try a different nappy brand im not sure what you use but huggies are usually really good for preventing nappy rashes Jordan
  • Hydrazole cream works well as it is cortisone and anti-fungal also. Then continue with anti fungal cream after rash has gone. Cindy
  • bepanthen, sudocream and lucas’ pawpaw ointment all awesome ones to use and cloth nappies if you have any, otherwise get some bamboo nappy liners from baby bunting and pop it into the nappy, put the cream on and should do the trick. Works for my bub. Good luck with it. Xxx Sarorn
  • we use hydrozole as a base and then zinc and castor oil as a carrier. Kate
  • Have you tried Hydrozole? Amy
  • Calmoseptine cream and the curash zinc oxide powder! Every nappy change til cleared up. If bubs does a poo and it partially dries by the tine u notice wipe excess off then stick him in bath or use a soft warm watery flannel to get the rest off Lisa
  • Organic coconut oil. Amber
  • 100% raw organic Shea butter. Health food shop or Kim
  • Beaten egg whites and let it air dry once applied. Do with every nappy change Stephanie
  • Cloth nappies Jessica
  • Mine has the same his poor testicles are so sore! I’ve been using pure lanolin and then some curash butt cream. It’s made a little difference, also I’ve got him in some cloth nappies at the moment to see if it helps. Good luck! SarahJane
  • Try a combination of an anti fungal and good old Vaseline. My dd had it bad at 5weeks and after trying about 5 different creams I resorted to what my parents used-Vaseline!!! I still use it now in her Tracey
  • Moo goo nappy balm Claire
  • daktozin and possibly change nappy brand? my kids get horrible nappy rash with huggies and woolworths select nappies, so that could be the problem? Kirsty
  • I also found the terry cloth nappies to be the best thing and we used curash fragrance and soap free wipes daughters was like it use daktozin Hannah
  • Nappy Mate Paste…..and use Johnsons wipes as they are softer than Huggies Jodie
  • zinc and castor oil at chemist Sally
  • Have you tried Daktarin? Worked wonders for us. Hope it gets better. Woops meant Daktozin ointment. Dina
  • Daktozin or desitin if you haven’t tried these already.. Melanie
  • Vaseline. Only thing that worked in both my kids nappy rashes & 1 had it really really bad. Good luck Kerryn
  • Baby love nappies, betpanthan nappy rash ointment & keep the nappy free time up Rebecca
  • Maybe try changing nappy wipes to something unscented then possibly a different nappy but I rely on hydrozole its available over the counter on shelves in chemist its the best its like a miracle cream rash disappears quickly as its an antifungal cream Christy
  • Lucas paw paw ointment is AMAZING! It’s the only thing I ever use & it’s like a miracle cream! Denise
  • I know some of this is mentioned above…we used inner health plus kids powder to help with this. I stopped using wipes and washed the area with mild wash and water, sudocrem as a barrier is excellent. Change nappies really frequently (also the fresh air you are doing is great). Make sure its not turned into a thrush infection- you may need canesten if it is not clearing up, so see your DR. Goodluck Mary
  • You can get these purple crystals from the chemist can’t remember there name sorry but the chemist should know what your talking about. You dissolve a few crystals in water and sponge onto bottom with a cotton ball, beware they stain everything brown so be careful. They worked within 2 days for my little girl. Kylie
  • Thrush??? if bub has had or does have oral thrush it can pass through the intestinal system and cause rash which nappy cream won’t clear. need to give oral thrush treatment like daktarin AND use skin treatment like canestan AND then use nappy cream over the top to provide a barrier. Need to keep this up for at least a fortnight as the thrush spores can live that long. SUN is also excellent!! Marleen
  • Paw paw cream Michelle
  • Calendula cream from the health food shop should help Lianne
  • I have also heard of doctors advising to use Greek yogurt too Trevor
  • dermaid cream or bepanthen Cat
  • my nephew was soy and lactose intolerant, and had the diaper rash you describe! His breastfeeding mother stopped dairy and soy and it healed. Try that! Robyn
  • i found savlon cream cleared my little ones rash over night Michelle
  • I use a combination of paw paw ointment and bepanthem works like a charm Abby
  • sudocrem as a barrier, and has some moisturizing properties. No wipes just water and soft face washer. Erin
  • Not sure if it will help if its that extreme already but we use almond oil or jojoba oil. GL Dierdre
  • try anything that has lanolin in it may sting once applied but by the next nappy change should see a big difference Heath
  • Nappy goo is great, or bethpathan Kristie
  • have u tried daktozin? From the chemist Keshia
  • I used Lansinoh on nappy rash. It was the only thing that worked. My youngest only got a rash in disposable nappies, never in cloth. My eldest had it in Huggies but not Aldi brand. Middle child never had rash in either cloth or disposable. Sandra

What has worked for you toย treat or prevent severe nappy rash?

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