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Can a negative home pregnancy test be wrong?

Have you ever tested negative home pregnancy test that was wrong? How many weeks were you when you actually found out and how did you find out in the end?Can a negative home pregnancy test be wrong

  • Yes- kept getting negative pregnancy tests and didn’t get a positive test until I was a week and half late! Sarah
  • My sister did… She found out at like 3 weeks! She just took another pregnancy test after a couple of days! Jodie
  • Yes kept getting negative pregnancy tests but didn’t find out when I was nearly 9 weeks.  Also found out when I was getting sick all the time and decide to go to another doctor. Alisa
  • I did… Found out at 9 weeks when I went to hospital with appendicitis. Kaitlin
  • Recent pregnancy all pregnancy tests were negative even the blood test was negative. When repeated a week later bloods were positive and my pregnancy was 4-5weeks along. Chontae
  • I was one week late and I had a negative pregnancy test, then 2 weeks late and another negative test. I made a doctor visit and I had a positive pregnancy test. Amanda
  • Not for me. I got a positive pregnancy test on an internet cheapie test at 8 days past ovulation so 5 days before period due.  But I have heard of it.      Zoe
  • Yup was about 4 weeks with the first pregnancy and about 5 weeks with the second. Ended up taking another test with the second and I was pregnant! I was 10 weeks along  Sera
  • Yes- I was about 4 weeks when the pregnancy test came back negative and found out at 7 weeks when we did another test using a different brand kit. Karissa
  • My pregnancy tests were negative until I was about 7-8 weeks pregnant. Briony
  • I took 2 pregnancy tests that came back negative. Then I went to hospital due to pain and I was 13 weeks pregnant. Rebecca
  • I had negative pregnancy tests with both pregnancies! But I knew I was pregnant, so I just waited a couple of days and retested. Claire
  • I had a blood test with my last very early on in my pregnancy as I was hospitalized and we happened to be trying to conceive. It came back negative. My husband and I were convinced I was pregnant, very next day I used a home pregnancy test and it came back with a very obvious positive. Sure enough I was pregnant. Elizabeth
  • My sister kept getting negatives and even blood tests were coming back negative till they finally gave her ultrasound turn out she was 5 months along! Bec
  • Yes all 3 of my babies were negative on a home pregnancy test. I would of only been 3 weeks pregnant at the time, because a week later I re did the home tests and was positive, and had all the ultrasounds the same week I found out and was 4 weeks 3-4 days with all them! Amy
  • Yes with my second baby who is now 10 months old did a home pregnancy test and it was negative then went to doctor 3 days later and they tested my urine and I was pregnant. I had a blood test and ultrasound to see how far I was and I was 6 weeks pregnant. Tiffany
  • Yes 3 times I have had a negative pregnancy test and been pregnant. I went to the gp and negative 2 times. I was 7 weeks when I found out and only by blood test in the end as my period was well overdue and was worried sick that something could have been wrong! Mimina
  • I was 2 weeks late for my period and still was testing negative. I even had a blood test at the Dr’s and that was also negative! I went through about 6 negative pregnancy tests. I started freaking out that something was seriously seriously wrong with me.  Did another home test at 2 weeks & 4 days after period was due and got a faint line. Turns out I ovulated about 8 days later than usual That little fertilized egg is now almost 7 months old! Sarah
  • It took me 5 to 6 wks before a pregnancy test showed positive and I had done plenty. Samantha
  • I had 3 negative pregnancy tests. I went to the doctors for a blood test as I had a pretty strong feeling I was. I was about 5 weeks along. Melissa
  • We had a negative result with the cheaper brand tests. We  did the test the next day with a more expensive test and it was a very clear positive. Katiee
  • We actually tested negative for pregnancy on a blood test! I don’t know how. I went back for results and the doctor decided to do a pregnancy test (3 days after blood was taken) and it was positive. I was 5 wks! Sally
  • I had a ‘feeling’ I was pregnant and was testing every day but all were negative, then one day I forgot to check it and came back about half hour later and there was two lines so I looked back at all the others and they had two lines as well! I wasn’t waiting long enough after checking them I’m now 36 weeks! Angela
  • Yes I was feeling crook & did 3 first response pregnancy tests & all were negative. My baby was only 5months so wasn’t planning another but just couldn’t shake the sickness & my mum kept saying I bet you’re pregnant. So end up going doctors and I was 12weeks or so they guessed. Beck
  • I have had negative pregnancy tests with 2 pregnancies now. I eventually found out with my son at 6 weeks that I was pregnant and I found out this time at about 7/8 weeks. I knew both times I was pregnant but home pregnancy tests and blood tests both came back negative until those times. Samantha
  • These pregnancies, all 20 home tests until 12 weeks were negative, even the doctor’s blood tests. Hannah
  • Yes, at 2 weeks & even 4 weeks tests still came back negative.  I didn’t get a positive result until I was 6 weeks pregnant. I had low levels of HCG due to polycystic ovaries. Katerina
  • It isn’t the “name “brand pregnancy test that matters. It’s the ones that can test the lowest amount of HCG. Internet ones work great and cost a lot less if you are testing each month Brooke
  • First pregnancy test before I was late like 2 weeks before came back negative( I knew that I was pregnant, you know that gut feeling) and then did another one when I was 1 week late Cynthia
  • I have had the best tests say negative on more than one of my children. My third child was 16 weeks and still testing negative and I demanded a blood test and the doctor thought I was stupid, until it came back positive.  I just don’t produce HCG like most women and it has nothing to do with the test itself. Elizabeth
  • One of my tests came up negative…but I figured I’d taken it too early. It was positive a few weeks later. I think early on the hormone levels were not high enough.
  • Both of my pregnancy tests came back negative for both of my pregnancies. Even after a blood test it came back negative. But I was pregnant both times.
  • I had a false home pregnancy test at around 5 weeks pregnant with my daughter. A week later did another 1 came up positive.
  • I did 3 home pregnancy tests and they all came up positive so I went to the doctors, they wanted to do one there and it came up negative. I was pregnant though, my son is now almost 5 months 🙂
  • I had four pregnancy tests come up negative. I even went to the gp because I just knew I was and even she said ‘nup not pregnant.’ After five tests I finally got a positive 🙂
  • I had 4 pregnancy tests (including on at the doctor’s) with my first pregnancy, all throughout the first trimester. It wasn’t until I got a positive blood test that I found out I was 12 weeks pregnant!
  • I think for a pregnancy test to work well your period needs to be at least a week late, sometimes more! I found out with a positive test at about 5 weeks 🙂
  • Yes, it happened to me took a test around 4 weeks pregnant was negative and then took one around 7 weeks and was positive. I now have a healthy 3 year old.
  • It happen to me.. I had symptom of pregnancy, so I tested myself 3 times, all came up negative, then periods came. 4 weeks later I was at Dr cause of unusually long bleeding outside of my period. My gynaecologist did blood test to find out I was 8 weeks pregnant with an ectopic pregnancy.
  • Both mine came up negative as I tested too early I think…I just knew I was pregnant both times and kept testing till I got that second line 🙂 I think I willed the line on there with my second!
  • I had a negative home pregnancy test the day my period was due, figured it was right as with my first daughter I got positive result straight away, and then had a period, but found out I was pregnant when we lost bubby 6 weeks later 🙁 hope you have a better result, test again in a week or get bloods done.

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  1. AvatarRebecca says:

    I found out that I was pregnant through my gp but did home tests and even at 6 months pregnant they would still come up negative. So I gave up on trying to get it for a scrap book.

  2. Avatarshan says:

    I had many negative tests and blood tests, nothing showed up til I was going on 7weeks, I’m now 16 weeks pregnant:)