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First signs of pregnancy

While missing your period can be an obvious first sign of pregnancy for some, for others who have irregular periods it is not so obvious.  Our community share their early symptoms of pregnancy.  Confirming pregnancy with a urine pregnancy test from your local pharmacy will confirm your pregnancy.

Once you confirm pregnancy and are officially in your first trimester, it is time to head to your GP to confirm dating of your pregnancy.  You also need to think about which method of pregnancy care you prefer: private, public or midwife care.  

Hello Baby Hints and Tips Community:
“What early pregnancy symptoms did you get?”

what were your early pregnancy symptoms

  • With my 1st it was severe period cramps for 2 or so weeks but it never came, and with my 2nd that I’m pregnant with now it was very sore tingly weird feeling boobs!
  • I couldn’t stand the taste of my usual morning cup of tea. That was my first early sign. Both pregnancies I couldn’t drink it at all.
  • Boobs were really sore, I had car sickness and I was sooo tired. We were TTC so I was very aware of changes 🙂
  • With our first I had this odd feeling in my chest, the thought kind of stomped through “wonder if I’m pregnant?” and then I got on with the drive ahead of me, 6 weeks later ooh I was, the feeling was the conception i believe 🙂 and with our second my belly got tender and i just knew
  • The smell of washing powder made me gag!! does it every time in early pregnancy!
  • I got really irritable and lost all my patience then took a test a day before my period and it came up positive 🙂
  • With number 1 my boobs grew over night and I had severe morning sickness, with number 2 I just had period like cramps and with number 3 I didn’t have any signs ! I did a pregnancy test and there were 2 lines and that was it. I am 14 weeks pregnant now and I have the worst morning sickness ever, have had it since 6 weeks !
  • Not really as all the signs people had told me to look for I didn’t… and then after I should have had and finished my period I realised I hadn’t had it and just took a test (was around xmas time) so wasn’t to focused on any cycle
  • I knew straight away with my first. I don’t know how, I just did. Something in my head kept telling me I was. Even after several negative tests I still just knew. The morning after the ‘event’ I was like, ‘oh crap, I’m pregnant’ lol. And sure enough, 6 weeks later I had a positive test and the doctor said I was 6 weeks. Lol.
  • Sore boobs and sickness
  • Having an implantation bleed with all 4 pregnancies. Even though the last one was never supposed to be able to happen I knew within 10 days of conception 🙂
  • My first I just felt different and my second (now) my body shape change dramatically but we were TTC and yea I was keeping an eye out
  • Severe bloating – looked like I was 6 months along at about 4 weeks!
  • I lost my appetite, was getting really bad cramps and my boobs were so sore. Then I googled those symptoms and ‘top ten signs of pregnancy’ was the first match.
  • With my first I went completely psycho like worst moods ever and had no idea why so thought hmmmm =/ and with this one I had that horrible let down feeling in my boobs that made me think oh no lol
  • I just had a feeling before i missed my period. then i missed it n waited about a week to see if it was just late n after that took test and I was.
  • I was only 5 weeks and was tired, thirsty and weeing lots at night! I thought I had diabetes! And my boobs were sore! Blood test came back neg but pregnancy test was positive two days after blood test! 🙂 It was the surprise of my life!
  • Boobs…. Ouch!
  • I had a dream that I was pregnant and no-one believed me.. I kept walking up to random people and showing them my massive pregnant belly and saying… do I look pregnant to you?!? Week later I took a pregnancy test… walah! I was 4 weeks pregnant
  • I thought I was getting a cold with my first and a bad hang over with my second. I have endo my periods weren’t regular
  • My nipples got darker that’s how I knew lol
  • With my first I got really sore boobs and felt hung over, even knowing that I had not drank. With my 2nd, sore boobs and felt hung over again but certain foods started to taste like dirt..
  • I felt the worst cramping with both mine
  • With my First I was so tired. I would be in bed at 6pm & get up for work at 5am & if it was only a short shift I would sleep the rest of the day.
  • We weren’t trying, but I just knew. a few days before my period was due, I was feeling this strange type of dizziness & extremely tired.
  • I kept dreaming I was telling my mum. I was pregnant. Sure enough took a test and I was.
  • I had the weirdest of weird cravings didn’t even realize I was a couple of days late did the pregnancy test (9 to be exact :)) all positive 8 months later a beautiful healthy baby girl 🙂
  • No 1 could not stand the taste of coffee when I was a two or three before 10am kind of girl, no 2 I was unimaginably tired – in bed by 8pm every night when I’m usually a night owl and no 3 I had absolutely no idea til one day realizing my period was about 2 weeks late! ( I did have some pretty crazy dreams that I brushed aside as nothing though!)
  • My 2nd pregnancy I was laying on the floor watchin tv and thought hmm my boobs feel sore…and then I thought…too sore…so I walked 2 the bathroom and did a test, and it was positive.  It was very exciting as we had been trying 4 over 12months
  • I knew I was the 2nd time around cause I drank liters of Coles brand orange juice and ate nothing but shell pasta salad and ham sangas
  • I was a smoker before my first and I couldn’t stand the smell or taste of it made me really sick then the cramps started and that’s how I knew
  • Nausea, heart burn, sore boobs, drowsiness!
  • My work pants suddenly didn’t fit, yet I hadn’t gained weight! Little did I know at the time, it was because my hips had started spreading to make room for baby to grow!!! :0)
  • This time round, first sign was the fizzy bits of my hair stayed nice and curly not frizzed! Also darker nipples, tired and moody and that was all before 4 weeks lol
  • Really really tired with both my pregnancies
  • I woke up one morning after the doctor telling me I wasn’t pregnant and blood tests coming back negative, and just had a feeling to take a pregnancy test and it was positive 🙂

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