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Newborn with a Toddler Routine

newborn with a toddler routineI’m just after some SAHM routines when they had a newborn/month old and a toddler? My darling daughter will be 22 months. And I’m just after any tips anyone might have on juggling life with a newborn and toddler, keeping a tidy home and everyday cleaning/laundry/dishes etc and when did you start going out together and where did you take them?

  • My boys are 17months apart. When I think back it was obvious little things that helped. Doing a little each day with regards to house work. I put a load of washing on each arvo and put out after everyone is in bed around 7.30. It’s dry by lunch the next day to fold and put away when I have free moment. If I knew the day was rough at lunch I would put on the slow cooker. Spend 10mins in morning just putting things away/tidying up and again in arvo – kept the house looking clean. Also dishwasher on every evening and empty first thing. If you put things straight in the dishwasher it helps keep on top of it. We would go to playgroup and the library for outings. My boys are now 2 1/2 and almost 4 and I still do these things. Also bulk buying food items like meat and regular can goods and if possible have delivered. That way shopping trips aren’t so huge and you have essentials for the slow cooker days. It’s hard to start off but gets easier. Rachael
  • I found the new contented little baby and toddler book quite helpful and had some great tips By Gina ford. I have followed the routines to suit me since my first was born now almost 3. Both my kids (also have 15mth old and expecting #3 in 8wks) have always bn awesome sleepers 7-7.30pm-7am and still have at least a 2hr nap min during the day at the same time. Gives me loads time to get what i want done. Simone
  • I bought my 2 yr old a footy from rebel sport Kelly
  • It’s hard at the start. But I said to my then 2 year old that ill feed the baby first then do whatever it was with my first. I hardly got any housework done. Just mostly cooking for meals and bottles but that was it. I also found that the baby would cry around preparing dinner and or dinner time. Prepare dinner earlier when it’s quiet.. Natalie
  • I always set my kids up with a nap, task etc before I feed the baby so they are distracted. Try to set only 1 big job per day for cleaning (Monday Kitchen, Tuesday Bathrooms, Wednesday Floors. Thursday Laundry and Toilets etc) and do normal tidy ups each day. Katrina
  • I have a 3 year old and 7 week old. Our days very much are set around my 3 year old’s general routine. I try to get one of the bigger cleaning tasks done each day (e.g. mop floors, bathroom etc) and usually do this when my husband gets home. Other than that I try to clean as we go as much as possible so it doesn’t build up, and involve my 3 year old if age appropriate Ashleigh
  • My dd1 was almost 3 when dd2 was born. Now they are almost 4 and almost 1. I tried to keep to the routine of dd1. So I still took her to swimming lessons, playgroup, walks to the park and dd2 just slept wherever in the pram or the sling. as dd2 got older i tried to organise things around her naps. so now when dd2 id napping we go to the other end of the house and play and they tend to play really well together so I can get stuff done. but key is after u eat put away thr dishes straight away. You may have 2 screaming kids for 5 minutes but if those dishes pile up ull have 2 screaming babies for 30minutes! Also I try and have the take one toy out put one back rule. it works most days but there are some where I need to put them away. and when hubby gets home I do a quick sweep or vacuum. dd1 also goes creche 2 days a week and I do get a bit more done on those days when dd2 is asleep. Ashlea
  • I gave up very early on worrying about the cleaning/laundry/dishes. And went with the flow of the day. I started going to a playgroup. Good for all involved. Rosalie

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