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Amazing, heart-stopping birth photos by Laura Elie

Birth photography is an ever-emerging genre for photographers around the world. When we decided to showcase these amazing birth photos we were inundated with submissions proving to us, even more, that having your baby’s birth documented by a professional is becoming more and more mainstream.

This collection of amazing birth photos is so real, so raw, so absolutely show-stopping we knew we had to share them with you. These photos capture such pure, true emotions, we challenge you not to be touched by them. Whether you are a mummy or a mummy-to-be you’ll ‘feel’ these images and what the subjects are experiencing.

These photos were generously shared by real mothers (with their permission) as shot by photographer Laura Elie. You can see more of her amazing birth photography and other work on her blog or follow her on Facebook.

Amazing Birth Photo - Laura Elie Birth Photography Laura Elie Birth Photography

Laura Eli birth photogra
Laura Elie Birth Photography
Laura Elie Birth Photography
Laura Elie Birth Photography




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