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Non-traditional baptism outfits

the baby in a dress lies on a pillowI would like to know if other parents had their bubs baptised in non traditional white clothing? I’m having trouble finding a baptism outfit for our chubby will be 6 month old so I’m thinking a white button up shirt and smart pants?

  • Our little man (6 months) wore nice pants, a collared shirt (which was a body suit so it didn’t ride up) a bow tie and suspenders!. He got so many comments. I purchased the shirt from next direct. The bow tie and suspenders were purchased from Etsy also online. Jacqueline
  • My little boy was 5 months just in October. He wore an outfit from big w and added suspenders. Lauren
  • My nefew was a 7mo chubby bubby and he wore a 3peice light grey suit with white shirt and shoes Jess
  • Our son was baptised at 2 so we didn’t think it appropriate for him to wear the traditional white gown so we just dressed him in a smart pair of pants and collared shirt. Kristyn
  • That is perfectly fine. You could also have him in bright purple but have a white stole (white cloth scarf) and that would be sufficient pending your priest! Rosalie
  • My little fella was in Blk and white short suit. Less the tie Kaitlyn
  • They usually ask for white to symbolise purity. Because babies are pure. I’m sure it won’t be a big deal if you can’t find a white outfit. Have you tried best and less? Regine
  • my boys had to wear all white, very traditional church, we got the outfits from Clever Bean Katrina
  • We just dressed our boy in a suit he got from his aunt from Japan. But any smart outfit is fine. It was a pretty laid back day though. Karen
  • My sons were 4yrs and 6mths when I got them christened. They wore white pants, white button up shirt, white vest and white bow ties. Super cute!! Sarah
  • Our lil man was baptised in a white silk romper suit it doesn’t matter as long as u r happy :)) Chloe
  • I didn’t like any of the traditional baptism clothes for boys so we had him in a teeny tiny collared shirt and pants. We wrapped him in our family baptism blanket which is a gorgeous white crocheted blanket with a fringe. That made it seem a bit more baptism-y. Shelley
  • My cousin got his son baptised in a white little suit with a bowtie. It was a wedding outfit for weddings and i think they got it off ebay. Tegan
  • My son was christened in a little summer tuxedo suit at an anglican church. This was 21 years ago and there were no dramas. Gina
  • We have same issue. Baby will be 14 months so bit pointless trying to put him in a gown. Have bought a nice white onsie (so it doesn’t ride up) that has a bow tie and a vest with it (real, not the painted on sort). It will be summer so putting dressy shorts on over top. Michaela
  • My daughter was one of 4 babies being baptised and was the only girl. None of the 3 boys were in white they all wore button up shirts and pants. So wasn’t actually me but hopefully that helps! Amy
  • My boy/ girl twins didnt wear a traditional outfit. My son had a white shirt and faint checked pants and a peach/white dress for daughter. Karen
  • Thats exactly what i dressed my son in. No rules & i think as long as they look nice it doesnt matter Isabel
  • Check with your church but I’ve seen many bubs baptised in clothing that wasn’t white. Molly

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