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Baby Wakes When Dummy Falls Out

baby wakes when dummy falls outMy baby wakes when her dummy falls out 3-4 times a night.  She is 6 months old, so I have to go put her dummy back in constantly. Has anyone had this problem and what did you do?

  • I was told the other day that in bigW or target they have a new thing in that the dummies is attached to a lil soft toy so it easy for baby to drab on to go have a look I’m considering getting one Tui-Leigh

Add lots of dummies to sleep space

  • She will learn to find get dummy and put it back in might b awhile of sleepless nights but she will learn I have 3-4 dummy scattered around my bubs bed so there is always one close Maria
  • You could try having multiple dummies in her cot so at night you can quickly find one and pop it back in and she can learn to put the dummy back in her mouth in time. Madi
  • Within a couple of months she will be able to replace it herself. Having a few scattered in the cot helps. Kyra

Stop using the dummy

  • One of my twins was given a dummy by the nurses when he was born. When he started waking for it at 4 months I took it a Lee
  • Mine did this at 5 months. It was every night and she would look for it herself yet. I heard that at 6 months it becomes an addiction and they rely on it. So I took this opportunity to try and get rid of it. It was 3 horrible nights of no dummy after that but then it was all forgotten about. I was lucky though as she never really wanted the dummy through the day and so I thought I’ll give it a go. I think if it was any harder I probably would have given in and given it back to her. Michelle

Keep giving the dummy back to baby

  • Yes the same thing happened when my little girl was about that age. She was in the bassinet next to me so I just put it in for her every time until she could do it herself and now it’s not a problem. Eleanor
  • Its normal. Usually you find, they don’t wake because the dummy has fallen out, rather they want it to go back to sleep. My daughter wouldn’t have hers in for hours, then shed wake and id just pop it back in. Its easy to get up for 2 seconds to put a dummy back in than to get up and feed/change/cuddle. They grow out of it and learn to find it. U can buy glow in the dark dummys you may find helpful. Nichol

Teach baby to put their dummy back in themselves

  • Start teaching her to put it back in herself by taking her hand to the dummy and then to her mouth, also helps to have a couple in the cot Kristie

Cherry shaped dummies are more likely to stay in

  • I found cherry dummies stayed in longer because of the shape. I use Tomee Tippee brand.  They look big, but they’re good for development and the sucking reflex (bubz chiro recommended it and haven’t looked back) good luck Crystal

If you decide to get rid of the dummy cold turkey we have lots of suggestions from other parents.

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