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Is it OK to dress your twins/triplets in the same clothes?

dress-twins-the-sameIs it OK to dress your multiples in identical clothes or should they be dressed to be individuals?

  • I like dressing my 11 week old b/g twins similarly, but isn’t always an option. I dont think this will continue as they get older (because boys and girls clothing looks nothing alike) but I can see myself dressing my girl to match my older daughter and myself if they want to back when it was just me and dd she loved being dressed as much like mummy as possible, I always thought it was fun Jem
  • I think its cute!! I have 3 yr old and a 6yr old girls and they love dressing in the same clothes and being twins I dont think there I any harm in it and if my two boys want to dress the same I wont be stopping them. Melisa
  • I’ve got B/G twins so couldn’t do it for long. But I am a big believer in them both being individuals. Mine are only 16 months but I try to make sure they are treated as 2 by everyone rather than as 1 Debra
  • I don’t have twins, but I think when they are babies it’s cute but as they get older they need their own style Tamara
  • I am a twin, and think Sometimes is fine, but not always. Especially when they can choose their own clothes! Nerissa
  • Yes. I have 3 year old frat boys who usually dress differently now but sometimes due to availability of nice clothes or they want to they do. When they were younger they did more often as lots of clothes were gifts. You do whatever you can. Bianca
  • I think it’s a big no no! Let them be individuals! An even bigger no, no is dressing kids that aren’t twins in the same clothes Renee
  • My twins wouldn’t dress in anything but the same clothes if I tried they throw a tantrum, they are not identicle. Essy
  • I have fraternal girl triplets and they are very rarely dressed in the same, only very occasionally when someone has bought them 3 of the same outfits. I do get similar clothes but in different colours a lot of the time. It can be very handy if you are out somewhere & it is busy & they are dressed the same to identify them quickly in a crowd! Nicole
  • well im a twin and my sister and I hate being dressed the same always have but my mum used to dress us the same all the time think about it they already look the same why dress them the same Tyla
  • Yeah I think it’s cruel to dress them the same! It might be ok for the odd family photo or something but all the time & even occasionally is just mean, gosh they already look the same isn’t that enough?? If I ever had twins I would never dress them the same, not even as little ones! What’s worse is when parents do it to kids that aren’t twins, like 2 poor girls I know that are 2 & 4 & mum & dad dress them exactly the same, I can’t believe they don’t see how silly it looks! It’s my pet hate, sounds silly, but so is dressing your kids in the same damn clothes! Renee
  • My triplets occasionally dress the same it’s cute but not all the time it’s usually whatever is there Steffy
  • At the end of the day do exactly what you feel us right! I have a 3 yr old and 15 mth old and when I find a cute outfit in both sizes I always grab it! Usually in different colours so it’s broken up a little! I have never had anyone comment negatively on them dressed the same!  I happen to think it’s very cute! I think there may be a age you should maybe stop it, I wouldn’t dress my girls the same once their older (primary school for example) but little ones can ppull it off xxx Ashleigh
  • Do what you want! Why are people being so negative towards it. If the kids really dislike it then that’s your place to decide what to do. No one should judge that. Personally I think it looks cute Jacenta
  • Kids/people should only dress the same if it is a uniform, or a bridal party etc. Let them have their own identity right from the start xx Shannon
  • Well I dress my 4 year old twins the same most of the time and have done so since birth. Its cuter I think and now that they are older I find that if I dress them differently they fight over wanting the same thing. If I buy a purple and pink jumper they fight over both wanting the pink so drsssing them the same saves dramas over who wants what color. I guess everyone is different. But for me my twins are adorable in the same clothes. When they get older than can do what ever they like. For now im in charge lol. Inas
  • My boys are 5months. I dress them the same at this stage, once they are talking and have interests if they express what they want to wear i will them dress them according to their interests or wants Krystle
  • Individuals.. Especially if they are identical, how would you tell them apart haha.. But in all seriousness, I believe it’s important to give you children (twins or not) a strong sense of self identity from a young age and let them have a say in the way they are dresses, if they choose the same thing at least it was their choice Melissa
  • I dress my girls the same sometimes, I don’t really see what the big deal is, they’re probably going to see 10 other girls dressed in the same clothes as them anyway. And while I’m the one that buys the clothes and dresses them, then they’ll wear what I put on them. Until they can do it themselves or speak their own opinion then they can wear what they like. Louise
  • I have four kids and would dress them in the same colour when we were going to public places so it was easier to spot them. Anon
  • Not cool. My identical twin boys are never dressed exactly the same (except if they request it (rarely) or sometimes at bedtime). It’s about respecting their individuality, and helping the works to see them as two different people, not two halves off a whole. Marina
  • My twin and I were always dressed the same until we were old enough to say we didn’t want to be anymore. It was a way of keeping things fair between us. Plus being identical we always liked the same things anyway. The downside was everyone would stop to look at us and point. If I had twins myself i would dress them the same. Kirsty
  • I don’t have multiples but I do have 4 girls aged 5-1 and they all want to dress the same majority of the time lol so I don’t see a problem with twins being dressed the same Amy
  • It’s not cruel when they are little they don’t know any different when they are old enough to choose then it’s different My daughter is 4 and she tells me what she wants to wear now so no I don’t think it’s a issue My daughter likes dressed the same as me Tegan
  • I say it’s ok once in awhile Angelica
  • My partner and I are expecting twins boys in a month and we will be dressing them the same occasionaly sometimes exactly sometimes the same in different colours only until we feel they get I have frat boys they sometimes dress the same if we are heading out, most of the time they are dressed different cos we have so many wardrobe changes due to wees,poos and spews lol. Cute when babies I think. Lisa
  • i always thought it was mean to dress twins the same, as they are two different people. I only have 1 daughter and she wants what all the other kids are having so now I understand why it is done. Both the same so its fair. Natalie
  • Absolutely. I have girl boy twins and love to dress them in matching clothes. Sarah
  • I would so do matching while there little sometimes and as they age start to alter to their individual tastes Natasha
  • As a twin I hate having the same thing on even in a diff colour Lauren
  • I am a fraternal twin and when we were little we used to get dressed the same or same dress different colours, as we got older it was only for special occasions. Funny enough in high school we’d come out of our rooms dressed in the same outfit then have an argument who got dressed first so the other had to change. Julie
  • It varies. Some times they will wear the same but generally they wear “like” clothes. Maybe same pants, different shirt, both wear a striped top and different bottoms. Generally it’s whatever I pull out of the pile first Emma
  • I always said I wouldn’t dress mine the same but it was 1 less decision I had to make and they fight and cry as they always want what the other is wearing. Others buy them different clothes but again it always ends in tears over who has the prettiest ( twins , everything becomes a competition)They are 5 now, dunno if boys are the same. Wendy
  • I hate the same! My sister had twins and I never bought them the same outfit. I hate the older and siblings dresses the same just as much! Mimina
  • What ever you have in the cupboard. Don’t waste money on clothes that they are only going to wear a few times then grow out of. Stephanie
  • I am 23 weeks with twins I’m not doing the matching thing they are individuals I don’t disagree with it though it can be cute Emily
  • I’m about to have my second child, my daughter will be a year older than her brother and while most of the time they will be in their own clothes I have found a few matching outfits like Mickey & Minnie mouse for example haha I’ve also bought them matching baby books but obviously the boy & girl versions respectively haha Amy
  • It freaks me out and I cant ever tell which one is which and that’s embarrassing since I have twins and I should be the last person expected to get their names wrong Also if they are identical they that’s just weird, don’t confuse them wit being one person they are very different individuals who eventually will want to dress their own way. Charlotte
  • I think it’s cute. My niece and nephew we dressed in bonds all the time, so most of the time the same, but one pink, one blue. Now as 8 yr olds they sometimes still choose the same, one pink, one green Carly
  • Yes. I have 3 year old frat boys who usually dress differently now but sometimes due to availability of nice clothes or they want to they do. When they were younger they did more often as lots of clothes were gifts. You do whatever you can. Bianca
  • I have b/g twins so that would be a little weird. But when they were little I would but them in similar outfits. My boys love to dress the same though and pretend they are twins!!! (14 month age gap) Jessica
  • whatever you prefer Teresa
  • Luckily I have girl boy twins. But growing up with a sister not that much older, we dressed the same and had the same hair cut….. both of us HATED it. So even if I had two girls or two boys….. they would never be dressed the same….. Shannon
  • I do a little of both. Daycare they wear specific colours so try to change that up when at home. Brea
  • Sometimes is okay. But let them be there own person I think. Kara
  • If I had twins I’d dress them the same sooooo cute Maria
  • Mine are still young and I pick their clothing, so they usually dress the same. When they get older and can pick their own clothing, they can wear whatever they want. Robyn
  • Let them choose. If too young, theyre your babies. You decide what you prefer. I had b/g twins, but if theyd been ID I’m sure id dress them the same occasionally! Anon
  • The closest mine came to being dressed the same was the same outfit, different colours. In saying that sometimes I found it very hard to buy enough clothes for a season with boys without doubling up. So I just made sure they didn’t wear double ups on the same day. Nyomi
  • I don’t have twins but I’m against them being dress the same or even in different colours. fair enough one can wear something 5th at and the other wear it tomorrow but not dress them the same on the same day unless they choose to. they’re different people. Every twin I know (identical or not) were treated and dressed the same and everyone of them is completely different to the other. let them be individuals. Kai
  • I think it’s cute occasionally but all the time drives me insane. A little family event it might be nice to having matching bubs Sophie
  • Individual. For sure Zoe

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