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One grocery change saves $840 a year?

make your own yoghurt and save I’m so fancy…. I made my own yoghurt!
(And saved $840 a year!)

Well it wasn’t that fancy really as it was incredibly easy to do. So much so I was actually surprised. Shocked even. But saying you make your own yoghurt does sound quite fancy and as if you are really into wellness and a very responsible mother so I’m owning it…. I made my own yoghurt!! 

Truth be known my motivation was actually that the kids are eating us toward financial rack and ruin! 14 disposable squeezy yoghurt pouches a week was adding up very quickly. Another mother wisely suggested I try making my own yoghurt and the rest, as they say, is history.

I purchased an EziYo yoghurt maker, sachets and re-usable squeezy food pouches. The process was easy, the savings were huge and mother earth smiled down on me as I minimised all that plastic waste.

The best part? The kids loved the yoghurt.

Crunching the Numbers – How much did it save?

EasiYo make your own yoghurt

The EasiYo System (equipment to make the yoghurt) is $17.95 (one off cost)
Each Sachet makes 1kg of yoghurt. A sachet is $3.40 (cheaper if you purchase in lots of 10)
I purchased re-usable pouches from My Lil Pouch a 5 pack for $8.75 (purchasing 14 pouches to have a full week’s worth was $24.50)
TOTAL: 12 months of making my own yoghurt costs $219.25 or $4.21 a week.

Purchasing supermarket yoghurt

12 months of yoghurt buying from the supermarket (Pauls Kids $1.49 ea) equals $1084.72 or $20.86 a week.

Yep, I saved $865.47 annually on yoghurt. How would you spend $800 if you saved it? Comment below


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