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Thanks, Eryn, for the wonderful reminder to all our mums with newborns.

‘I am just putting this out there for new mums and mums who are struggling with newborns. I had such a hard time with my son, I am the first to admit the first 7 weeks of his life were hell, refluxy and never sleeping only screaming I was a new mummy very much on the brink. My hubby was supportive, fantastic and kept telling me when I felt utterly hopeless and regretted everything that when our son was better and older it would all have been worth it when he could put his arms around me and hug me and tell me he loved me. He’s is now 13 months old and puts his arms around my neck and pulls me close and give me kisses, very slobbery but kisses none the less, every morning. I remember my hubby’s words so clearly now and he was right. It was all worth it, he is by far my greatest accomplishment even though I had such a rough time to begin with. For all the mums who are really struggling and feeling hopeless and having all the same feelings it does get better and well worth it all the hugs and slobbery kisses and calls of mum/mummy make you forget and so happy! Stay strong and dont put so much pressure on yourself – its a bloody hard job to do and isnt all roses like we are led to believe, chin up, stay strong and those hugs and kisses will come eventually!!Have a great day :)’

  • This is beautiful.  Shi-Anne
  •  So true, being a mum is the hardest and most rewarding job EVER!! Wouldn’t trade it for the world even on the hardest most sleep deprived days.  Ebonee
  •  I can relate to that. I wish I had of read this when my ds was a newborn. He is now almost 11months and your absolutely right Eryn. It was the hardest thing I’ve EVER done, the constant screaming and not knowing what to do was hell. Its amazing how much you bond and learn with your lo. I’m sure your words ring true to many woman and hopefully help some mums doing it tough today.  Amy
  •  That is fantastic! Thank you so much the movies and tv make it all seem so easy but the reality is so much different but the movies don’t show the good bits like the slobbery kisses either. I can’t wait for these moments with my lil man. Being a mum is the most amazing thing ever.  Kelly
  •  Lovely eryn xox.  Tamara
  •  Oh I can so relate to this as well with a reflux bub early on… It truely is the hardest but most rewarding job you’ll ever do.  Shannon
  •  So true! Unfortunately I was a reflux baby and so was another one of my mums kids so I knew it wasn’t all easy but I don’t think you realise just how hard it is until you have your own. My son had reflux for 5 and a half months…it seemed all he ever did was cry and my partner and I were so sleep deprived. Now his almost 17 months and the best little individual. I now have a baby daughter and she is such a different baby, sleeps all the time. Only cries when hungry or has a dirty nappy. You really appreciate it after a reflux bub. But my mum and cousin always told me one day everything just changes and sure enough once he was sitting be himself everything was all better. Wish I had have read this back then though!  Megan
  •  You don’t even need to wait until they are that old tho! I struggled big time when my DD was a newborn I think the first 8 weeks were hell on earth (and she wasn’t even a refluxy/colicky baby!) but now at 15 weeks it’s soooo rewarding! And a million times easier! Those smiles just melt ur heart.  Stephanie
  •  My mum always said she wouldn’t wish a first baby on anyone, and that the first 6 weeks should just be spend in bed in front of the telly and she still went on to have 4!!!  Portia
  •  Thank you so much. Very needed for a very tired and sleep deprived mum of a 7 week old lil boy.  Monique
  •  Omg i teared up,i have a refluxy 4 week old… thankyou :-]  Sharon
  •  Thank you. I really needed that today xx  Tegan
  •  This is so lovely Eryn xx  Sarah
  •  Exactly my story and how i felt- i even said the same things to my hubby! Thanks for sharing.  Stephanie
  •  Thank-you so much! That is lovely, we are led to believe its all peaches, but there are definitely times of struggle! So nice to hear this, all I do is look into his eyes are realise what an awesome little creation he is xo  Lauren
  •  Aww that is such a nice message i am in hospital with my little one at the moment they think its possibly reflux but we will know more by the morning it’s nice to know we’re not alone x  Hannah
  •  I got teary reading all your messages! Its hard but so rewarding and the hugs and kisses help with the forgetting as well. Hope ity helped! My hubby kept telling it to me and at the time I didnt believe him I couldnt see the light at then end but once he settled and was meciated he was a different bub, now I have a happy, sleeping through, chubby little prankster who gives the best cuddles ever! Merry Xmas mummies..sometimes we need a pick me up.  Eryn
  •  Beautiful very mummy can relate!!!!:)  Liz

Whats your best tip for new mums?

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