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Pamper yourself during pregnancy

pamper yourselfWhat did you do ‘just for you’ to pamper yourself during your pregnancy. What did you treat yourself too to help get through your pregnancy.

  • Getting my nails and hair done :)) Chloe
  • Pregnancy massages and pedicures-best thing ever when u can’t touch ur toes lol. And a foot massage that was heavenly. Kate
  • A full body pregnancy massage, so relaxing! Laura
  • Pregnancy massages, pedicure and facial. Kylee
  • Massage! I still went once a month, she did pregnancy based remedial to get those aches and pains away for me. Lesley
  • Relaxed, slept when I had the chance, caught up with friends as it can be a bit hard in the first month or so once bub is born to try catch up with everyone and show off bub. And last thing I did was enjoy walks on the beach and get a mani pedi and foot massage. Rebecca
  • My favourite chocolate and a box of chai latte sachets. Would enjoy abut of each after my son settled for the night. Chantel
  • For me it was pregnancy yoga class. Great to relax, stretch sore muscles and the one I went to we had discussions after class about anything and everything, so was great for gaining info. Meaghan
  • Lots of warm baths and pregnancy massages are the best pregnancy pamper ideas! Angela
  • Prenatal yoga…helps manage your pregnancy, helps you relax, helps with birth. Natalie

    What did you do to pamper yourself in your pregnancy?

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