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Party food ideas for kids

Young children at party sitting at table with food smilingWhat are your best kids party food ideas? What about for the adults?

Please include recipes or links

  •  We used cookie cutters to cut out sandwiches to keep the healthy options attractive to the little kids.   Amy
  •  For the kids the good old jelly orange cups get some oranges cut them in half, scrap all the orange out and leave the skin, make some coloured jelly, pour it in the skin, then cut them in half again when jelly is set and u have coloured oranges my mum always made these for my birthday parties and now for my sons!!   Nadine
  •  Fairy bread, caramel popcorn, homemade sausage rolls, Hommus, babaganoush , guacamole. Quesadillas, spinach and feta triangles, mini quiches.   Joanne
  •  I like to cut out fun shapes from fruit and put on sticks or in a bowl or if you want to be really creative, cut a watermelon in half, scrape all the fruit out and use the outer shell as the bowl, ice cream cones full of fruit rather than junk food. Or the idea in the link as well. We use lots of fruit for parties as kids don’t need junk food.  Blyana
  •  Fairy  bread. You’re never EVER too old for fairy bread!!!   Tiffany
  •  Fairy bread funny face biscuits mini quiches meat balls Milo balls.  Sonja
  •  My sister made little fruit cups using cute cupcake cases filled with blueberries, strawberries, etc. They were a hit at my baby’s first birthday.   Elisabeth
  •  We like Vegemite n cheese scrolls n I do pizza ones for adults.  Hayley
  •  Frogs in a pond.  Kristy
  •  We do finger foods for all involved. Homemade spring rolls, homemade sausage rolls, marinated chicken wings, fairy bread, chips/cheeses/crackers/dip.  Kirsty

My twins’ first birthday party is next weekend and I’m just after some awesome kids party food ideas thanks 🙂

  • Jelly worms, marshmellow teacups, real fruit layer slushies, fruit train, frankfurt and noodles (thread raw past through befor cooking) Nicky
  • I used cocktail franks, fairybread, bits of fruit, carrot, celery, cheds biscuits and other dry biscuits. i had watered down juice as well as water. i had some other things like fairy bread and party pies for the older kiddies too 🙂 good luck Louisa
  • I saw this and LOVE the idea http://minimocha.blogspot.com.au/2010/04/very-hungry-caterpillar-party.html Elle
  • Vege sausage rolls – mine are mince, veg, French onion soup mix and puff pastry. Can add cheese too. Great for winter Natalie
  • Tiny teddy cars for a treat. Milky way bars with a tiny teddy stuck in the top and smarties stuck on the outside with a dab of melted choc! Great for little boys parties! Emma
  • Party pies and sausage rolls are always good no matter the age lol cheerios, curried eggs (mild). potato bake or chips and dip Krystal
  • Ranibow cake! You make it yourself with different food dyes. Google will help with a recipe lol. Nicole
  • Fruit skewers (use paddle pop sticks – they are safer), mini quiches, fairy bread, jelly cups Ellie

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