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Placenta Encapsulation

placenta encapsulationI am interested in Placenta Encapsulation. Has anyone had any good experience with this and could anyone please highly recommend someone who does it from Joondalup Hospital?

  • My fiend did her own. Cut up, dried in dehydrator, ground it up in coffee grinder, then capsulated it by hand… Then she was going to do for a friend of hers for her birth but her daughter got admitted to hospital… So Yep. I gloved up, skinned & cut it up, dried it like jerky in the dehydrator, then zip locked bagged it and passed onto my friend to bring 3 days later to grind and capsulated. Just treated it with health and hygiene level of food (jerky).. I hope to also have my placenta capsulised as I have seen many benefits, including post natal depression as I believe it’s high in oxytocin. I’ll give it a go if it’s in capsule Susi
  • I did this and it helped with bleeding and recovery as I lost a lot of blood and had a terrible birth but I stopped as I couldn’t stop burping after taking them and it tasted like cat food (no other way to explain it sorry) haha. I have a very week stomach & couldn’t handle it. They are definitely beneficial though. You can also get rescue remedy and all sorts of things made. Pretty amazing! Emma
  • Bodywise Birthwise were amazing! Quick and efficient service and they follow up after baby! Couldn’t fault them! Vicki
  • I had this done. Found it extremely beneficial – my tummy shrank back so quickly, my milk came in quickly and heaps of it, I didn’t experience the 3 day blues or any PND. I was out going for walks down the street and feeling great within a week of my c section Rachael
  • Mine is getting encapsulated as we speak. I went through Lisa Kim Calmbirth for anyone on NSW Central Coast who is interested! Brooke
  • I used for first after and ended up with a very serious blood infection. Doula did not realise that I had placenta previa and they dont test before encapsulation. Michelle
  • I used the community midwifery program in Perth, joondalup was my back up hospital. I used an encapsulation lady who worked with the northern CMP midwives – you could contact them they are sure to know someone Kristie
  • Im part of a doula network if you want to pm me I can give you names of doulas who do in your area Marsela
  • 2lifedoula. Comes to the hospital to collect after birth then delivers. Sara
  • I am having mine done in march. Very excited Steph
  • I had my placenta encapsulated and I think it’s great! I call them my happy pills. Not sure if it’s just mentally but I feel great when I take them. The midwife that did it for me also added lemon and ginger to stomach them better and to not get an aftertaste. I also feel it’s something really special, I didn’t just throw my placenta out. I would highly recommend it – Carla
  • I did placenta encapsulation and absolutely would do it againLyn
  • I did it and found it boosted my energy levels immensely, i did not get baby blues at all and my milk supply was huge! I highly recommend it.  I did not do it with my first, and i can see a huge differenceStephanie
  • Yes loved it, will do it for my next Pregnancy too – Kelly
  • I have done placenta encapsulation with 2 of my 4 babies & highly recommend it! After my first two births i was very drained, emotional & ended up very deficient in iron. I then decided to research placenta encapsulation for my next birth. Plenty ofplaces do it now and range in price depending on what you get but average around $200-$300. I decided to do it myself at home and did so twice. It does take a bit of effort and you need to be able to stomach handling your placenta but worth it in my case. The results were amazing! I had more energy, felt more level with less mood swings. I also stayed in the normal range with my iron count. My milk supply was greater tooRebecca
  • Yes, we did it and I do really believe that it helped heaps with energy, mood and general recovery. I was hesitant, but definitely glad I did it and would do it again with another child. Nearly out of tablets, but getting a tincture made up so it can last longer. Let me know if you need a contact – Rochelle
  • Yes and loving it.. 8 weeks pp now and i am so happy with how I felt in the first few weeks especially I expected a hard time but felt fantastic – Krystin
  • Yep and I’m loving it! Have had no down days, milk production is excellent and I’m just enjoying bonding with my beautiful 2.5 week old sonI had the encapsulation (and a tincture) done by Felicity at Doula by Design and she has been helpful, professional and wonderful. Felicity also put me onto my amazing doula Anna who has been an invaluable support to me. Felicity’s info here:http://www.doulabydesign.com.auSuzanne
  • I had mine done with my second baby and loved it. Noticed the difference straight away. I had PND with my first but this time not even baby blues on day 3. I healed quicker and was generally a much happier and energetic mummy. Baby is 7 months now and still no PND in sight and all going very well – Kirri-Lee
  • I had my placenta encapsulated! Best thing I did, I suffer from anxiety anyway and they def helped with my mental well being after bub was born, and they made me feel like I had more energy too! Def recommend – Vicki

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