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PND, Sleep Deprivation and a 7 month old

depressed mum***Please only reply to the question asked if you have something helpful to offer***


Hi there, I have a 7mo baby and I am currently suffering some depression which is being treated. She is not a great sleeper and I struggle badly with broken sleep and deprevation and I find it very very difficult to “sleep when baby sleeps”. I have her at a family daycare 2 days per week to help me out with both my business (small home business) and allows me to get the house sorted and to be truthful, have some sleep once that’s all done. I am still struggling a great deal and I am considering one more day of daycare. I feel extremely guilty about this and I truly don’t want to do it but I just feel that in my current state it’s the only option I have I find it physically difficult to entertain and hold her all the time and she does not sleep well during the day and is up at 5-6am. I have many days that I just cry myself to sleep as I just can’t deal with being so tired and so down. So my question is… Do you think daycare 3-4 days per week for a 7.5mo is too much? It is only her and two girls who are 3yo and sometimes another baby 5mo. Do any mummies have their bubs in daycare 3-4 days per week at this age? Do you think I’m being selfish by needing this time to tend to home and business and more importantly trying to get myself right or do you think I should just suck it up and get over it? Really battling with this decision… Any advice would be awesome xo Tia

  • Has mummy considered Karitane to help with bubs sleeping patterns. I did this myself and whilst we still have the odd bad night we have plenty more good. Sleep deprivation is hard for anyone to handle. Talk to other mummies and you may find your not alone and can build a support network. Good luck mummy and remember your bub loves you unconditionally. . Rachael
  • I too suffer depression and understand the roller coaster it can feel like your on at the best of times let alone while trying to maintain a household and care for a demanding bubba. No 1 suggestion is to imagine you were talking to your best friend and she told you this what would you say ? I’m sure you are so hard on yourself and yet you seem like you are very caring and kind thinking of others including your little one. The best advice I was ever given in regards to my depression and dealing with everything there is to do as a mother and a housewife, is that in order to be there for the house to be clean, work to be done and bubs to be cared for, you have to be at your best, so taking care of you is taking care of bubs and everything else. The other thing is the house can wait ! Many bubbas are in daycare for numerous different reasons by 7 months and I’m sure bubs will have great care and some fun playing with some other kiddies while you get yourself feeling more on top of it. I’m sure you’ve probably tried everything for bubs but if you haven’t looked into sleep school I would highly recommend giving it a go cause my son was having lots of trouble sleeping and at 7 months we went and I’ve never looked back as it helped dramatically and as you probably know not getting enough sleeps impacts your mood more than anything. I’m thinking of ya mumma be kind to yourself xoxoxox Natasha
  • You are not being selfish, it’s a hard decision but it sounds like it might be good for you to have an extra day where she is in care. I have been thinking of doing the same as my now 13 mth old doesn’t sleep well day or night and hasn’t since 10 weeks old. I to have cried myself to sleep for most of the eleven months. She goes to day care now 2 days and although I hate leaving her I think it is good for both of us. I miss her and can be more patient and a better mum when she is with me. You could always try it and see how it works for you. My little monkey sleeps for day care! Don’t be hard on yourself. I’m sure you are doing the best you can and that fact you are concerned about putting her in an extra day just shows you are a mum who cares. Good luck, you are not alone in the sleep deprivation battle/struggle. Best wishes. Stephanie

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