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Postpartum: The Musical

Postpartum: The Musical is a hilarious ad from a company called helloflo.com

Meera feels she needs to spread the word about the reality of parenting.  She couldn’t let another mother walk through the terrifying abyss of motherhood without telling her about the things she had seen.

  • Cracked nipples  – “I wanted to stick my nips in a tub of Chapstick and stay there forever.”
  • “I raise this arm and oops I peed.”
  • “No-one warned me about cracked nipples, the blood, the pus, the pain…”

Sound familiar? Check out the video, and make sure you clench that pelvic floor while watching.

Craziest part is lots of us keep going back again and again! Lucky these kids are so cute I guess.

What would you warn mums to be about?

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