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We know this style of funny baby announcement isn’t for everyone. To be honest it’s probably only for a select few. However at Baby Hints and Tips we take great delight in the people who do turn their grand news into a hilarious, shocking or eye-opening announcement. And we are pretty sure you will  love them too.

From admittedly “accidental” babies to a grown child posed as a newborn, we’ve now ‘seen it all’… So in celebrating the best of hilarious baby announcements, here’s just a few of our favourites…

This Dad’s take on a water birth is confronting, but maybe not that far from the truth. His wife may not be that impressed, but it certainly made us laugh! Image credit.

This one’s heading towards territory that we think it must be a joke, not the real deal, but it raised a smile anyway. And who hasn’t at least once of thought of trying a balloon animal. Well, you’ve now been officially warned of the consequences! Image credit.
Screen Shot 2015-02-16 at 9.48.27 pm
This one is adorable and clever – and not far from the truth! Babies would be so much easier if they came packaged like this AND with a manual. You’d simultaneously wave goodbye to post birth stitches and sleepless nights in one Fedex delivery! Image credit.

Baby Announcement
More in the cuteness overload territory than hilariously funny but this double-sided announcement really says it how it is. This little poppet is even gorgeous when she’s crying… From aaaaaw to waaaaaa! Image credit.
baby announcement
We love this prison-inspired announcement complete with striped jumpsuit and mug shot style photos. The text claims “Crime: Stealing His Parents Hearts“. All together now, naaaaaaaaw! Image credit.

This one sums up much of those newborn days… there sure is delicious cuddles, tiny clothes, sugar and spice and… yep, there is a lot of nappy changing! Truth. Image credit.
Lastly, this one is funny but has a touching story. Kelli Higgins, a newborn photographer was off to a shoot when her 13-year-old adopted son (whom she adopted at 10 years old) commented how he had no photos of himself as a baby. So they embraced the moment and photographed him, like a baby. It raised a smile for us and I bet they shared some funny moments shooting it. When Kelli shared the photos on Facebook she wrote “Here’s my new baby. He weighs 112lbs” (50kg!)


How did you announce your baby’s birth? Would you dare do something like these? Even if you wouldn’t thank goodness for the people who do.. they’ve certainly raised a smile for us all!

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