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Aqua aerobics
Calm birth
Hospital tour
First aid

What activities or groups did you attend in pregnancy and would you recommend them?


  • I hated antenatal classes, it was very preachy and all the women there wanted natural births with no drugs lol I was the only one that wanted pain relief. Gem
  • I went to antenatal classes and they weren’t anything like i had imagined.. And I went to young mums group at the hospital too cause I was 17 when I had my little man 🙂 Caitlyn
  • I did my antenatal class in one full day on a weekend as it was the only time I could go. I was the one closest to my due date but had the smallest bump. It was good but it didn’t answer a lot of questions we had as it was our first bub and we wanted a natural birth – was happy to have pain relief. i was also a part of a mums group when our daughter was 6 weeks. It was helpful as all the other mums where first timers too. Kylie
  • I went to antenatal classes and the breast feeding session too, there were pretty good although the birth was nothing like anyone had said it was going to be. Brodie
  • I went to a couple of sessions of the antenatal but skipped the birthing ones as I knew we were having a ‘c’ section Wendy
  • I went to awesome antenatal classes for my first but unfortunately the hospital didn’t practice what they preached about birth and the natural breastfeeding process, the birth was over medicated and they were abusive with breastfeeding. Had more luck with a birth center, my next two were born naturally and breastfed without interference! Natasha
  • I would recommend it, one positive is they supported and encouraged breastfeeding. Mother of Jason 22 months
  • I had no idea what to expect, so found it a bit scary but definitely worthwhile. Mother of Ryan 21 months.
  • Classes were good as they get the father involved; although they have a one size fits all approach. Mother of Poppy 3y, Harry 21 months
  • It was good to know what I was in for but I didn’t enjoy the horrible birthday movie. Mother of Tahlia 10y, Darby 6y.
  • A good insight into the hospital although too much focus on delivery rather than baby care. Mother of Gabriella 3y, Alessia 7months.
  • Taught me the basics for feeding and sleeping. Mother of Piper 4y, Rowen 2y.
  • Relieved anxiety and clarified expectations. Mother of Jake 15months.

Breast feeding

  • I went to a breastfeeding awareness class and antenatal classes both were fairly helpful and informative. Margaret
  • Very informative and helpful. Mother of Thomas 14months.
  • Great info I still use today, Mother of Mia 2 months.

Aqua aerobics

  • I took advantage of the hospitals aquanatal classes and loved being in the pool even if it was only half an hour a week!!! Wendy
  • Exercise right up until the birth, fun and you meet new people. Mother of Chloe 21months


  • Interaction with other pregnant women was a positive, I would recommend it. Mother of Jake 15months


  • Keeps you fit, helps with your changing body.  Mother of Lena 4, Claudia 17months

Calm Birth

  • Excellent preparation for labour. Mother of Lukas 10 months

Hospital Tour

  • I would recommend it. They show you the rooms, the birthing suites and some of the machines etc that may be used in the birth. Helps you decide which hospital setting is right for you. Mother of Samara 9 months.
  • I knew where to go and what the rooms would be like. I would recommend it. Mother of Ryan 21 months.


  • It helped me with breathing and I didn’t need any drugs in the birth. Mother of Amy 6y, Sophie 3y.
  • Good for fitness to prepare you for the long birth ahead. Mother of Dalia 3y
  • Gave me the strength, fitness and focus needed for labour. Mother of 16 month old.
  • Relaxing, helps you to stay positive. Mother of Lukas 10 months
  • Great to help you relax, although the negative is the uncontrollable farting….Mother of 3.


  • Good for strengthening back and other areas. Mother of Lukas 10 months

First Aid

  • Prepares you for any incidents that may happen and gives you peace of mind. Mother of Dalia 3y.
  • Have a background knowledge to give you confidence. Although it was hard to bend over when pregnant. Mother of Chloe 21 months

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